Funny Kitty Custom Travel Cup Is Best Stainless Steel Coffee Mug For Cat Lovers

Feb 1, 2024

Shop Historic Collectibles’ Funny Felines collection and try their new personalized stainless steel cat photo travel mug. Every time you take a sip, you’ll see the face of your favorite funny feline.

If your cat is cuter, more charming, funnier and all round better than any cat ever, Historic Collectibles gets it. And if you want to enjoy seeing that squishy, fluffy face even when you’re far from home, they get that too. Which is why they have made their new customizable stainless steel travel coffee mugs.

Take a little part of your favorite feline with you every time you go out and buy your new custom keep cup at 

Personalize Your Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Historic Collectibles’ new design and stainless steel keep cup has a memorable slogan that says ‘Rodent Attack Cat At Your Service’, with a space for you to add the name of your favorite feline.

If you want to take a photo of your favorite funny feline on the road with you, Historic Collectibles’ new travel mug is the perfect way to show your pet pride. 

Keeping Cat Lovers Cozy This Winter

In the middle of the cold winter months, Historic Collectibles recommends their new stainless steel travel mugs to you if you want to keep your warm beverages warmer for longer and to take them on the go to work, the gym, or simply out on a chilly winter day. 

Their insulating and anti-bacterial stainless steel makes their keep cups durable and easy to care for. As a spokesperson for the giftware retailers said, “Crafted with top-grade materials, our travel mugs are designed for both durability and comfort, ensuring leak-free sipping on the go.” 

The Best Print-On-Demand Designs

The new travel mugs can be personalized with both the name of your favorite feline and with a high-quality photograph. The team at Historic Collectibles carefully check each photo to ensure that the final product will be delivered with true-to-life colors and a high-quality finish, and they will also remove the background from each photo to create a flawless ‘mug shot’ style image for you. 

The Perfect Choice For Quirky & Funny Feline Fans

To match with the tongue-in-cheek ‘Rodent Attack Cat’ slogan of the mug, they recommend you select a comedic or quirky image of your favorite feline to match. 

Their spokesperson called their new keep cup perfect for “Personalized Panache,” and said that the new travel mugs will allow you to “Showcase your cat’s charm with a high-quality print that stays vibrant journey after journey.” 

Introducing The Funny Felines Collection, The US’ Best Feline Designs

The new stainless steel coffee cups join a growing selection of customizable and humorous cat-themed designs and products—including ceramic mugs, insulated wine glasses, t-shirts and hoodies—with funny cat images and slogans. 

Each design in Historic Collectibles’ Funny Felines collection is an original that has been created by their graphic design department and they will be rendered in vivid and long-lasting colors using the online store’s advanced printing technology.  

Show the world your favorite funny feline this winter at

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