Fulton County, Atlanta-based Orion Erosion Control Inc, offering a full turkey erosion control services, has upgraded their temporary and permanent hydroseeding process. Now using a scientifically advanced formulation to re-vegetate, this advanced hydrose

Dec 21, 2017

With over 17-years’ experience in erosion control, Orion Erosion Control is rapidly expanding. Providing clients with a turnkey solution, Orion solves all erosion and sediment problems, cost effectively. Plus, the company provide one-on-one project management and coordination.

More information is available at http://orionerosioncontrol.com.

Customers looking for the latest Erosion Control Service will soon be able to get involved with Orion Erosion Control Inc. Today Troy Miller, Estimating Director at Orion Erosion Control Inc releases details of the new Erosion Control Service's development. The Erosion Control Service is designed to appeal specifically to Home Builders/ Home Owners/ Land Developers/ Grading Companies and includes:

Hydroseeding - This feature was included because it will help and improve the growth of grass by protecting the soil.. This is great news for the consumer as it will prevent soil erosion on any disturbed area. .

DOT Type C Wireback Silt Fence - This was made part of the service, since it is the best erosion control silt fence, best use on commercial properties, near lakes or any water stream.. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it is the best erosion control solution for grading companies, land developers and home builders..

Straw Matting, Green excelsior Matting- Orion Erosion Control Inc made sure to make this part of the Erosion Control Service's development as It provides great help keeping soil together on slopes and flat surfaces.. Customers of the Erosion Control Service will likely appreciate this because It helps grass grow faster while keeping soil in place and preventing any erosion.

Recently released, the more advanced hydroseeding process uses a combination of seed and water mixed with a tracking dye and fertilizer. A tacking solution may also be added to reduce seed loss on steep slopes and to help retain moisture.

The new hydroseeding mixture is then sprayed onto the soil using a high-pressure water cannon or hose. Various patterns are used during application to ensure adequate coverage. Plus, Orion Erosion Control inspects the area before application and creates an application plan.

Overall, hydroseeding offers erosion protection once vegetation becomes established and is best used on larger areas with high soil quality. To determine the ground quality, Orion Erosion Control conducts a soil analysis before the commencement of any work. Orion then tailors the fertilizer mixture to suit these soil characteristics. Consequently, this encourages seed growth and promotes long-lasting quality plant sustainability.

Orion Erosion Control offers temporary and permanent seeing options. Temporary seeding stabilizes disturbed areas that will be inactive for some time. This process reduces soil loss and erosion. Permanent hydroseeding, on the other hand, establishes perennial vegetation on disturbed areas with economical long-term erosion control.

They can grow different types of seeds based on customer specifications including Ryegrass,Tall Fescue,Kentucky Bluegrass or any of the Bermuda seeds Princess 77, Triangle Blend, La Prima, Sahara, UnCommon and Hybrid Bermuda.

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