Freelancing Side Hustle Coaching For Beginners: Entrepreneur Guide & Training

Oct 9, 2023

If you want to quit your job and work from anywhere with an internet connection, the Freelancing Genius program from Alicia Lyttle offers expert tips on building a business from a side hustle!

Freelancing – it sounds great, right? But what’s the best place to begin?

You can earn money from home in a load of different ways. Social media managing, writing, graphic design. In some fields, it’s never been easier to dive into the freelance world.

But without the right guidance, your business could just become a statistic. After all, half of all businesses fail within the first few years. Thankfully, Alicia Lyttle is here to help with her Freelancing Genius program!

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The number of individuals with side hustles in America is growing, but according to The Small Business Blog, the average pay is $810 per month. A Bankrate survey conducted earlier in 2023 found that 44% of those with a side job think they will need to always maintain it. 

Alicia Lyttle's program provides the framework you need to translate your existing capabilities into a long-term business venture that allows you to build a flexible freelance business you are happy with.

Key topics covered include identifying ideal freelance niches, establishing rates and packages, getting your first clients, marketing and lead generation tactics, automating processes, and expanding service offerings over time. Freelancing Genius equips you to sign your first client and continues guiding you through the growth stages.

You’ll learn how to establish your business and then implement a process known as freelance flipping, where you outsource the work while overseeing project quality - allowing you to scale faster.

Unlike some coaching programs, Freelancing Genius does not require buying a domain, launching a website, or developing digital products upfront. The methodology is based on leveraging existing skills first, which means you can begin freelancing and earning immediately.

About Alicia Lyttle

After her Ph.D. program, Alicia Lyttle started freelance work on the side. Within a few years, she scaled her sales to over 8 figures annually. Now through Freelancing Genius, she is sharing her playbook so others can thrive in the booming freelance economy.

A spokesperson states: "Don't let another day pass without taking control of your career and financial future - join this workshop today and start building up an online side hustle with ease. You'll leave feeling confident that you have all the tools necessary to create success in whatever way works best for you."

Do you want to launch and grow your own freelance business? This course has your name on it!

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