Free LLC Business Application Support: Fast Approval For Arizona Startups

Apr 19, 2024

If you’re looking for an agency that understands what it takes to launch, grow, and sustain a business, talk to BusinessRocket. The team offers LLC application support and state registration services to get you up and running faster!

About to launch a business in Arizona? Considering applying for LLC status?

BusinessRocket specializes in registration support solutions for fledgling business owners like you. Get in touch to find out how the company could help you! More details at

Enjoy a swift and simple way to attain limited liability company status. Thanks to a range of packages, you can choose the level of support you need with each option providing filing of state registration papers, organizational documents, and agent services as a minimum.


The BusinessRocket philosophy of START, GET, GROW, and MANAGE is implemented by a team of attorneys, business consultants, entrepreneurs, and CPAs – each bringing firsthand experience of launching and growing commercial enterprises. The company takes care of the legal and administrative side of launching a business.

What Do I Need To Do?

All businesses in Arizona must appoint a registered agent with an address in the state. This appointee must be available during normal working hours to receive any documentation and legal communications. While you can act for yourself in this regard, BusinessRocket offers this service without charge for one year.

Just Pay State Fees

The Starter package is also free of charge. You're only liable for the state registration fee - $85 at the time of writing. This package also provides the professional preparation of all your organizational documents.

Lifetime Compliance

The Essentials package adds a lifetime compliance guard, ensuring you don't miss renewal deadlines, as well as an EIN for Federal tax identification. This option also provides an operating agreement and first meeting minutes to showcase ownership and establish liability protection. Banking resolutions for verification of ownership and meeting documents demonstrating the financial structure of your company are included too.

Fast Approvals

BusinessRocket ensures a fast turnaround on LLC applications with the Essentials package offering approval within one to two business days. The Supreme package can provide approvals in as little as 24 hours while also adding a one-to-one meeting with a tax concierge to help you set up an accounting platform.

Arizona does not currently require LLCs to file an annual report but you can check with the BusinessRocket team if there's been any updates to legislation in this regard when you apply.

A spokesperson says, “Get personalized guidance and expert advice with our free live agent consultations. Connect with knowledgeable professionals to address your needs in real-time, at no cost.”

If you're ready to launch an LLC, you need BusinessRocket!

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