Fort Myers Ethical Substance Abuse Rehab Program Helps Adults In Recovery!

Feb 1, 2024

Ready to start your recovery journey? Calusa Recovery (866-939-6292) offers rehabilitation programs for adults, with a wide range of ethical therapies that focus on experiential, motivational approaches and compassionate support.

Addiction is tough, and it can affect your life in every possible way. If you've hit your rock bottom and are ready to make serious life changes, the substance abuse recovery programs at Calusa Recovery will give you the support and guidance you need.

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The programs are customized for your unique requirements and include inpatient or outpatient treatments, one-on-one therapy appointments, group sessions, family therapy, and sober-living support.

The team at Calusa Recovery focuses on a holistic treatment approach that addresses the underlying roots of your addiction, including genetic risk factors, environment, past trauma, and mental health conditions.

Experience Ethical Approaches

Research from the Handbook of Neuroethics shows that a consideration of ethical issues in the treatment of addiction is a vital part of a successful recovery program, as biopsychosocial aspects of addiction are often influenced by external - as well as internal - factors, such as sociopolitical agendas. At Calusa Recovery, the personalized treatment plans are structured around ethical principles to focus on your health and your distinctive background.

“When you join us, you’ll go through an assessment and our team of doctors and therapists will devise a treatment plan with you,” explains a representative. “You’ll work with trained professionals to discover what drives your addiction and start developing healthy coping mechanisms to replace substance use.”

Get Personalized Care

Along with residential, inpatient programs, Calusa Recovery offers outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment options, which allow you to receive care without having to stay at the center. A number of insurance providers are accepted, including Ambetter, Tricare, Veterans Affairs, and MVP Healthcare.

As part of the center’s ongoing commitment to a high ethical standard, the team also emphasizes care for members of minority groups, including Florida’s LGBTQIA+ community, noting that these individuals often face unique recovery challenges.

Be Inspired & Motivated

In addition to one-on-one sessions, family therapy, and group work, the center applies motivational enhancement and experiential techniques, designed to inspire you to make rapid changes from within and to promote consistent action for overcoming addiction.

Previous clients have positive reviews for their recovery experiences at the center. “Calusa Recovery’s treatment center is absolutely amazing,” says Gina E. “The staff members really go above and beyond to help clients with all their needs. The facility is beautiful and well-kept. This is hands-down the best treatment center in Florida!”

It's time to start the next stage of your wild and beautiful life - reach out to the friendly folks at Calusa Recovery today!

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