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Jan 12, 2017

Please go to to learn more about the affordable and high-quality cremation, funeral and memorial gathering services provided by All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC.

The funeral directors at All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. welcome all those living in the Whiting, New Jersey area to inquire about their funeral and memorial services to go along with the cremation of a loved one. They are always on-call, so the families that come to them for assistance are never lacking in information, guidance and support. Daniel Simone, Jr. has almost 40 years of funeral director experience and he or another one of the highly-trained funeral directors at All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. will lead the way in the official honoring of the deceased. In addition to funerals and memorial ceremonies, they also arrange direct cremations. In 2014, Mr. Simone achieved Certified Crematory Operator (CCO) status from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) which assures families that he will perform the cremation in an expert manner that complies with the laws of New Jersey and the protocols set up by the NFDA. For further information, please go to

For those who would prefer to enjoy the lesser expense resulting from forgoing any service or ceremony, the funeral directors of All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. offer direct or immediate cremation services. This package includes the transportation from the place of the demise straight to the crematorium. A free cremation container is included in the price, as is the Vernon solid pine urn or a durable polymer urn that is included in all their cremation packages. The urn can be personalized by adding 4 select photographs. The funeral directors of All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. also provide the service of attaching an engraved nameplate and/or military emblem for a modest fee. Embalming is not required for a direct cremation and is not performed.

Funerals provide an acceptable place to openly mourn the decedent and to begin the healing process. The services available at All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. are flawless. The funeral professionals there provide loved ones with the best in cleaning, sanitizing, embalming, casketing, hairstyling, dressing, cosmetology and restorative art. The deceased will have the best look attainable for any wake, viewing or visitation. The funeral directors are there to assist families in all matters related to the funeral, including choosing a casket that is aesthetically pleasing and within budgetary constraints. They have a wide range of rental and cremation caskets in different materials, colors and designs. They also handle the funeral flower arrangements for the end-of-life services. If a family needs them to, they will arrange for a member of the clergy to officiate the funeral and they can have a musical performance of the family’s choice accompany the service.

Should a family decide to honor its loved one after the cremation instead of prior to it, the funeral directors of All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. also arrange for memorial gatherings to take place at any time. They can arrange to have the memorial ceremony held at their welcoming funeral home, the place where the family worships, the crematorium chapel, a restaurant, a favorite park or at another setting. They encourage families to include the urn containing the loved one’s cremated remains in the ceremony, perhaps with a recent photograph of the deceased and a floral arrangement. Having a memorial service in lieu of a funeral gives families the ability to plan it for a time that is more convenient to themselves and the other mourners than a time that is within the first few days after the loved one has passed away.

For a professional direct cremation, funeral service prior to a cremation or memorial gathering after a cremation servicing the community of Whiting, New Jersey, please call the funeral directors at All Faiths Cremation Service, LLC. at (1732) 804-0295 or come in and visit them during this time of saddest need.

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