For A Pre-Engineered Steel Recreational Building, Get This Leading Contractor

Mar 4, 2024

If your community is planning a new recreation center, turn your project over to Reich Construction (301-550-0540), a preferred Butler Builder renowned for its cost-efficient, end-to-end pre-engineered steel building expertise. Get a beautiful, durable rec center faster, and on budget.

  1. With communities across America growing, evolving, and welcoming more residents, it's imperative our infrastructure keeps up. One of the most important aspects of any community is its recreational facilities. If you're in charge of investigating the viability of a new rec center in your community, get in touch with Reich Construction

Reich Construction LLC. is renowned for its expertise in cost-efficient, durable, attractive pre-engineered steel buildings. They offer a full-service in-house team of designers, engineers, permitting staff, and specialized building crews to keep your costs down while delivering a custom facility to spec. Set up a consult at


With demand for top-quality recreational spaces on the rise, many planners are turning to pre-engineered steel buildings. These structures offer you a slew of benefits and are especially known for their versatility, durability, ease of expansion, and cost-efficiencies.

With 40 years of experience and the best supplier relationships around, Reich Construction LLC ensures you get the ideal recreation center and a faster ROI


Pre-engineered steel stands out as a preferred building material for recreational facilities due to its safety, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Pre-engineered steel structures can withstand high winds, extreme weather conditions, and seismic activity better than traditional building materials like wood or concrete. They are also rot-, mold-, and pest-resistant.

Here's what Bruno Reich, Architect and CEO of Reich Construction LLC wants you to know:

"What distinguishes Reich Construction is our ability to handle projects from beginning to end in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. I get enormous satisfaction out of designing a building, seeing it come to completion, and knowing it will be there for generations to come."

Reich Construction LLC ensures seamless project execution and attention to detail across your planning and construction process, providing:

  • site inspections,
  • correct code requirements
  • correct zoning documents
  • correct structural documents
  • fast permitting,
  • cost estimation and budgeting, and
  • full building crew services.

This approach eliminates the need for you to issue RFPs and start contracting out your engineering, construction, architectural needs, etc. With fewer disjointed crews to manage, the better your quality control and the faster things get done.


Your pre-engineered recreational building is designed at a manufacturing plant and then erected on-site, leaving less waste for a more eco-friendly outcome.

Your facility will be completed more quickly than it would be if you chose a traditional construction site approach, and the finished product includes all necessary equipment including HVAC, windows and doors . You benefit from an attractive, durable, functional steel recreation center tailored to your community's needs.

And should you want to adapt your rec center down the line - as what normally happens in every community - a pre-engineered steel building makes this easy. You can add a basketball court, soccer field, and additional rooms with just a few reconfigurations.

As you, your board of directors, and your planning committees continue to invest in your community, a pre-engineered steel recreational facility designed and erected by Reich Construction LLC checks all the boxes.

Bank on an innovative, cost-effective rec center that serves your valued community while offering a solid ROI.

If a new recreation center is on the bill, Reich Construction LLC is here to deliver a showstopper. Reach out today to learn more at

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