Fly Light Drones to Illuminate Summer of Gow

Apr 19, 2024

FlyLight Drones joins Omni PGA for summer drone shows every weekend from May 25 to Labor Day. Experience vibrant aerial displays that blend technology and creativity.

Frisco, Texas, April 24, 2024 - FlyLight Drones, LLC is thrilled to announce their partnership with The Omni PGA Frisco Hotel and Resorts for an electrifying series of drone light shows, set to dazzle guests throughout the summer starting Memorial Day weekend. Each weekend from May 25th through Labor Day, the skies above the prestigious resort will come alive with vibrant displays of aerial artistry, combining technology and creativity for a unique entertainment experience.

The summer series kicks off with a grandiose aerial performance using 500 UAV drones, designed to celebrate the themes of summer, golf, and to honor military service in a memorable tribute. These shows are planned to complement the luxurious amenities of the Omni PGA Frisco Hotel, including its golf courses, poolside relaxation, and exceptional dining experiences.

Attendees can expect a blend of fun Summer Vibes and one-of-a-kind pixel drone art in each performance, making every weekend a new opportunity to experience the magic of drone technology coupled with traditional summer activities like golf and lounging by the pool.

FlyLight Drones, recognized for their innovative approach to drone entertainment, is excited to bring their high-end drone shows to such a distinguished venue, enhancing the already stellar array of amenities at The Omni PGA Frisco Hotel and Resorts.

About FlyLight Drones

FlyLight Drones, LLC is the top leader in the drone light show entertainment industry, known for their capability to merge cutting-edge drone technology with creative visual designs to produce breathtaking aerial displays. Based in Carrollton, Texas, FlyLight Drones has enhanced events across the country with their spectacular shows.

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