Florida Working Professionals Access Inclusive Substance Abuse Rehab Programs!

Apr 19, 2024

If you’re silently struggling with substance abuse, you can find the support and healing you need with outpatient rehab programs designed for working professionals at Calusa Recovery (+1 866 939 6292).

People on the outside might not know it - but you've been wrestling with your substance addiction for a long time. Ready to step up and make a change? Check out the inclusive rehabilitation programs for working professionals at Calusa Recovery!

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The recovery programs for drug and alcohol use offer a variety of modalities to help you overcome substance dependence in an accepting, nurturing environment.

With a recognition of the ways in which addiction can often be unseen, the outpatient programs at Calusa Recovery are suitable if you recognize a need to heal and want to reclaim a sense of control over your addiction but are still leading a busy, functional life.

Receive Compassionate Care

A report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that many people are “high-functioning addicts,” meaning that they abuse substances but manage to disguise their disorder while leading lives that often look successful. At Calusa Recovery, the skilled mental health team helps you address your substance use effectively, while offering compassionate support.

“We work with each client to develop ongoing, personalized drug and alcohol treatment plans to improve every aspect of their life through long-term sobriety,” says a representative. “Our intensive outpatient care and other addiction treatment programs offer individual and group therapies to build coping strategies that can ensure drug and alcohol relapse prevention.”

Start To Thrive

The LGBTQIA+ friendly, inclusive approach at Calusa Recovery means that clients from all backgrounds and walks of life can find empathy and acceptance as you start your healing journey from addiction.

Along with substance use, the center also treats mental health disorders, eating disorders, and dual diagnoses, helping you get the full range of treatment you need to thrive.

Through one-on-one sessions, group work, family therapy, and experiential modalities, you can receive safe medical detoxification, medication management assistance, anger or anxiety management, and ongoing sober living support.

Make A Change

Previous clients have positive reviews for Calusa Recovery and their rehabilitation programs. “The center is amazing all around,” says Trent G. “Staff members are great and get to know you on a personal level, while answering all your needs and concerns, which was a big part of my success in this program. I had an all-around great experience at Calusa Recovery. 10/10!”

If you're ready to make a change - take the first step today with help from the friendly team at Calusa Recovery!

Learn more and book an exploratory call at https://calusarecovery.com/addiction-treatment

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