Fix Your Storm-Damaged Roof In Wellington, CO; Call Expert Repair Professionals

Aug 1, 2023

Has your roof been hit by hail? Hail Northern Colorado’s top roof repair pros. American Roofing and Restorations serves Wellington, Windsor, and beyond – call +1-970-460-8720 today.

Summer in Northern Colorado isn’t just a time to celebrate championships in pro sports - it’s also a time when hail storms constantly threaten your roof. Luckily, there’s another constant: American Roofing and Restorations is always ready to bring your roof back to its best.

We’re in the midst of Northern Colorado’s long hail storm season, typically ending in the Fall. June is often described as the most destructive time of the year for hail in the state - wreaking havoc on your roof. If you’ve seen your roof battered by severe weather in the last month, American Roofing and Restorations has the solutions for you.

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Its roof repair services also extend to ongoing correspondence with local-area insurers, ascertaining coverage status on your behalf. That’s a stress-beater! By enacting suitable restorative care that brings your roof back to a workable condition, American Roofing and Restorations also looks to keep your system protected against future damage.

The risk of roof degradation is ever-present, warns the company, with Colorado’s snow, hail, and tornado storms striking year-round. You need to take swift action to repair and bolster your household roof after it's been damaged - or else, your home’s overall condition might significantly worsen.

In the words of a company spokesperson: “Ensuring your roof and gutter system stays intact is critical to maintaining the value of your property. We can provide a broad range of roofing and gutter repair services to revive your home after long winters and the tornado season.”

Storms can impact your roofing system in a variety of ways, resulting in leaks springing up and weakened structural integrity. As such, American Roofing and Restorations provides versatile options for fixing dents, punctures, and cases of subpar insulation.

In addition to hail damage repair services, American Roofing and Restorations is equipped to perform maintenance and other much-needed work on your worn-down roofing and gutter systems. You’ll find that blocked or otherwise nonfunctional gutters are major problems after heavy rain, which is why the team also recommends regular inspections and repairs when necessary.

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“Brian and his team took really good care of our needs for our hail damaged roof,” said one prior customer. “They worked with the insurance company - basically did their work for them - and followed through with them to ensure we had no stress.”

Boasting more than two decades of industry experience, the American Roofing and Restorations team also offers installations and extensive renovation projects. Get your service estimate promptly via its official website to get started.

These pros can fix your roof… and that’s the t-roof.

Whether you’re in Wellington, Windsor, or elsewhere across Northern Colorado, check out to learn more about American Roofing and Restorations today!

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