Fix Your Business FICO Score With Fast Credit Repair Services In Denville, NJ

Jun 23, 2022

Is your abysmal credit score preventing you from getting favorable rates on your loan or from getting a loan at all? SKJ Venture, LLC Consulting can give you an instant FICO score boost in as little as 35 days!

Fix Your Business FICO Score With Fast Credit Repair Services In Denville, NJ

A poor credit score locks you out of not just luxuries, but even the most basic necessities. If you have a FICO score below 600, you’ll have a difficult time applying for a credit card or a loan from banks.

Your only recourse would be those payday loan companies and their sky-high interest rates.

You wouldn’t want to go down that path, so let SKJ Venture, LLC Consulting (SKJ Venture) show you a better way.

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The company can show you how to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to your advantage. The FCRA is a federal law that guarantees the right to dispute any item in your credit report. If inaccurate entries are found, agencies are required to delete them after 30 days.

According to SKJ Venture’s research, nearly 8 out of 10 credit reports contain erroneous information, adding that this is also the reason why a successful entry dispute results in an immediate FICO score improvement.

SKJ Venture can dispute derogatory information on your behalf. This process involves preparing the necessary documents and negotiating with creditors and credit bureaus. The company explained that its expertise is invaluable in most cases, as many people are unaware of the techniques involved in disputing credit issues.

What sets the company apart is its credit education program, which is the advisory portion of its service. The program was designed to be a more affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer while giving you access to consultants who are as savvy about the relevant laws.

According to SKJ Venture, over 90% of its clients see an immediate 10-point increase in their credit scores in the first 35 days after consulting with it. A 180-day retainer often results in a FICO score improvement of 80 points on average.

SKJ Venture has been rated highly on a number of platforms, with past clients remarking on its professionalism and dedication to helping individuals understand the dispute process. The company serves a number of New Jersey communities, including Denville, Parsippany, Cedar Knolls, Hanover, Shongum, and Boonton.

“I recommend Simone Jenkins from SKJ Venture, LLC Consulting for all of your credit/financial consulting needs,” one satisfied client wrote on her Google review. “Not only has she taken care of us credit-wise, she has also presented us with financial knowledge to make better economic decisions for my family and I.”

Don’t let your credit score stop you from getting what you deserve. Schedule a free consult with SKJ Venture today.

Call 973-545-7813 or visit to get started!

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