First Full-Service Medical & Holistic Healthcare Opens In Hattiesburg MS

Apr 23, 2019

TruCare Health and Wellness opens a new Direct Primary Care Clinic in Hattiesburg, MS. It is the first concierge family medical practice to open in the area and growing fast.

TruCare Health and Wellness, has opened as a new Direct Primary Care Clinic in Hattiesburg, MS. It is noted as the first membership-based family medical practice to open in the Pine Belt area.

As the first concierge family medical practice to open in Hattiesburg, TruCare Health and Wellness offers patients a range of health and wellness benefits, including low-cost monthly payment plans.

Owned and operated by Barbie Dearman a Family Nurse Practitioner, the new family clinic will focus on helping the patient understand their overall wellness journey. For more information please visit the website here:

As part of the Direct Primary Care model, TruCare Health and Wellness focuses on a personalized way of caring for patients. They achieve this by taking the middle man out of the picture and streamlining the healthcare service.

Some of the benefits that members can receive include video chat, text and email functionality when needed. This means no waiting on callbacks from medical providers, as well as ensuring direct access to your personal provider 24/7.

Among the other benefits, included are unlimited clinic visits, at-cost pricing on tests and labs, and same or next day appointments for members.

TruCare Health and Wellness offers personalized direct primary care for every member of the family. Patients can expect extended office visits and care at their own convenience, with emphasis placed on patient education and understanding of their wellness journey.

Visitors to the site can find that TruCare Health and Wellness will provide customized care for all patients. Traditional, Integrative and Holistic healthcare can be provided to anyone interested.

For those looking to achieve optimal health and wellness, it’s important to consider a good balance between these two elements. TruCare can help patients to understand their health and wellness journey, with an expert who can help every step of the way.

A recent patient said: “My mom was provided service by TruCare Health and had a great experience. I would highly recommend this company to friends and family.”

A second said: “Very nice and caring place, with good quality and highly skilled staff.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided.

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