Find Why Your Gilbert Commercial Auto Policy Costs More Than Your Personal Plan

Aug 18, 2022

Does the high cost of commercial auto insurance in Gilbert, Arizona, frustrate you? Would you like to know why your personal auto insurance is much cheaper than for your work vehicles? Insurance Brokers of Arizona (480-812-1998) have the answers you’ve been looking for!

Find Why Your Gilbert Commercial Auto Policy Costs More Than Your Personal Plan

If the cost of auto insurance has deterred you from getting coverage for your work vehicles, understanding the reasons for these higher costs may sway you. In its latest video, Insurance Brokers of Arizona breaks down the cost differences between commercial and personal auto insurance, explaining why personal auto insurance is the more beneficial plan.

In their latest online guide, the insurance expert highlights the criteria auto insurance providers use to determine the cost of a policy, including the vehicle’s intended use, and work-related risk factors.

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Having an auto insurance policy in place is vital for your business, especially if you use your fleet every day. Insurance Brokers of Arizona explains why the cost of a commercial policy is often much higher than for a personal plan.

The video is part of the company’s constantly updated collection of educational resources concerning auto insurance that helps you learn which policies you need, and what to look for when applying for them.

As the guide explains, the reasons behind higher policy costs for commercial insurance are the greater risk factors and liability costs auto insurance providers need to take into consideration when drafting plans for clients like you. Among the factors are also the higher likelihood of claims for property damage and bodily injury for those driving commercial vehicles.

You will also learn how work-specific factors can impact the cost of your auto insurance policy depending on the vehicle's use. This means that when drafting their quotes, policy providers take into account the number of passengers usually carried in your vehicles, as well as the length and frequency of trips.

If you want to find more about your insurance options, you can visit the company's YouTube channel to watch videos on the topic, as well as additional resources on other areas of insurance.

As an independent insurance agency based in Gilbert, Arizona, Insurance Brokers of Arizona provides you with unbiased quotes for a wide range of insurance policies, including both commercial and auto insurance, property insurance, cyber insurance, and business insurance.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We provide world-class customer service with our extremely experienced and knowledgeable team, paired with our ability to understand our customer’s coverage needs, which drives the success of our agency.”

Learn why your commercial auto insurance policy costs more than a personal one, and how those costs are calculated today!

For more information, you can visit visiting where you can watch the full video.

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