Find The Root Cause Of Your Company’s Conflict With Peacebuilding Consultation

Nov 28, 2022

Build a stronger community that is capable of making it through even the most difficult challenges. Dr. Erika Wichro’s consultancy services will help you find the root cause of your company’s or community’s conflict and resolve them from within.

Find The Root Cause Of Your Company's Conflict With Peacebuilding Consultation

Coming out of the pandemic, we all realize the importance of disaster preparedness and quick conflict resolution. Think about all the difficulties we experienced just because a couple of departments within our community or company couldn't agree on a pandemic response policy.

Peacebuilding Partners' founder, Dr. Erika Wichro, offers leadership training and crisis management to companies or small communities that are going through difficult times. Her training programs focus on developing resilience and sustaining peace within the community.

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Dr. Wichro has 25 years of interdisciplinary experience in different fields like medical research and global crisis management. She has created an efficient peacebuilding formula that works even in smaller settings like companies and local communities. The medical doctor and International Public Health Expert emphasizes that for any group to move forward from a tragedy or crisis, they must first achieve peace and practice healthy conflict resolution.

According to a recent report by the UN Peacebuilding Commission on creating lasting peace within small communities that have been seriously affected by the pandemic and political unrest, these communities are often neglected because all the focus and funding often get routed to bigger communities first. As a result, social, medical, and political issues last longer in smaller communities.

Dr. Wichro believes that the effort to create and maintain peace should be done not only when conflict has come to a head, but long beforehand. The expert highlights that the root cause of problems needs to be addressed first and stakeholders must work together to create peace at different levels.

For example, communities that lack basic necessities often end up having conflicts over theft, which can carry on for generations. Under the guidance of Dr. Wichro, the root cause of the problem, which is the lack of basic necessities is resolved first, before the secondary problems like theft and assault, can be fixed.

The same is true in a company or corporation. Issues like lack of equity and nepotism often lead to strikes, mass resignation, and eventually the company’s failure, if not addressed early. The goal is to be able to understand the root cause and address the issue in a way that is fitting to the company’s values.

“We help to strengthen local and international capacity, connection and resilience to cope with crisis. We go the extra mile for you and our clients, so all achieve the goals,” a spokesperson said.

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