Find The Best Venue For Your Party & Corporate Event In South East Asia With This New Service

Feb 16, 2017

Create the best event for your business or your social occasion through Venuerific, which cuts out the middle man and allows people to contact venue managers directly to choose the country, destination and venue that’s right for them.

  • find the best venue for your party amp corporate event in south east asia with t
  • find the best venue for your party amp corporate event in south east asia with t

A new service has launched offering a way to source event venues and related services as an individual consumer rather than through event management companies. Called Venuerific, it was created to lead the transition between event companies, whose event organisers often hid behind contacts in the industry, and a new process where information is readily available online.

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Venuerific is the bridge between the consumer and the event they want to create. It can help people set up events in a wide range of countries, and has already established over 900 event spaces across South East Asia.

It has generated over 6,000 event leads in the past four years, and continues to grow. In 2017, it sent an estimated USD $1.4 million worth of leads to its partners, helping them to create numerous different events in major cities around the world.

As a one stop shop for venues, it allows visitors to search and explore the most attractive function venues, helping people to hone in on their ideal space. The site is completely free to use, and allows users to contact venues directly.

This means that people can cut out the middle man and contact venue owners directly, negotiating terms and sending out multiple inquiries at the click of a button.

Upon landing on the Venuerific site, people can choose from a selection of different countries, which includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and is growing all the time.

After deciding which country they would like to host their event in, visitors can fine tune their search by filtering results by Party, Corporate Function, Weddings, and Other, which includes events like film and video options, fashion shows, and more.

This means that people looking to create the perfect event for their business, or for a social occasion, can do so with ease, picking the destination that best suits them and what they would like to achieve.

Full details are available on the URL above.

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