Find The Best Sealant To Protect Your Roof With This Saugerties NY Roofer Guide

Jul 23, 2021

MM Dynamic’s (845-466-0064) new guide can save you time and money by helping you choose the right sealant for your flat roof!

Do you hate spending money on roof maintenance and repairs? Then MM Dynamic has a guide that can help you keep your roof in great condition for years!

The roofing company based in Saugerties, New York, has launched the new guide discussing the different types of coatings and sealant products that are available to you and how you can distinguish which product works best for your flat roof.

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MM Dynamic offers you expert advice on choosing your sealant or roof coating specifically if you have a flat roof on your commercial building. Choosing the right sealant can protect your building from small leaks and prevent damp patches or mold infestations.

Flat roofs are the preferred choice for a majority of commercial businesses. When compared to pitched roofs they are much more cost-effective and practical to maintain. Although your flat roof is designed to withstand periods of extreme weather, it inevitably deteriorates over time due to weather damage, mold infestation, foliage, sun, wind, and snow.

A roof's sealant or coating system plays a critical role in how long your roof will last. MM Dynamic aims to help you extend the life of your roof through the use of sealants and coatings that help avoid problematic gaps in roofing systems that accelerate roof degradation.

Their recent guide discusses the five most popular types of roof sealant products which include polyurethane foam, elastomeric, butyl, silicone coating, and polymer liquid. It discusses the positive and negative aspects of each type to help you determine which sealant is best for your flat roof.

The guide also discusses their pure polymer liquid product Monoseal, which keeps roofs waterproof by forming a seamless coating that eliminates weak areas. It requires no maintenance and can be applied to new and repaired roofs, roofing felt, concrete, brickwork, and cement.

The company also sells additional Prokol protective coatings, which have remained a preferred brand of roofing industry professionals for over 35 years. These are Rocathaan Hotspray PA 136-T, Rocathaan Topcoat 35, and Rocathaan Hotspray PA 260-FR.

A spokesperson for the company stated, "MM Dynamic works with only the highest quality materials and coating compounds and now specializes in sealing with MonoSeal by Prokol. Our professional roofing teams can make repairing or replacing your commercial roof a breeze."

Would you like to save yourself from potential hassles and expenses?

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