Find The Best Expert Mortgage And Financing Solutions For Homes In Montclair CA

May 1, 2020

Melissa Milton, the VP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate, has announced her updated services to help you navigate the mortgage maze and find the best lending services in the Piedmont area of California.

Does the idea of refinancing your home seem like a maze? Are you confused about all the mortgage lending options? Let Melissa Milton help you navigate the labyrinth and find the best service for you!

Melissa Milton is the VP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate and has announced her updated services for FHA and home refinancing options for you in the Piedmont area of California.

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The updated mortgage lending services from Melissa Milton also cover the Montclair, Berkeley, and Rockridge areas and can help you find the best options for your mortgage needs.

Melissa Milton has over 20 years of experience as a mortgage lender and prides herself on staying up to date with the markets, people, and social changes. Her knowledge ensures she has all the information needed to help you when looking for a home loan.

Having also worked as a real estate investor and within a real estate marketing company, Melissa has a unique insight that she can bring to you. This more in-depth understanding of mortgage guidelines helps you get the best mortgage available for you.

She understands that everyone is an individual and enters the mortgage qualifying process differently. Melissa will consult with you to find out which financing strategy best suits your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Some of the critical topics Melissa considers when helping you choose the right financing options are questions such as whether you would suit a fixed-rate loan, whether your property is a long time home, and what monthly payments would work best for you.

In her role, Melisa aims to de-mystifying mortgages for you, explaining how they work, what they cost, and what it takes to get approved and to help you feel comfortable making the crucial decisions about your home purchase or refinance.

Melissa says: "People are often surprised to learn how easily they qualify to purchase a home. I like passing on the happy news that, yes, you can do this. I think mortgages can look like that mountain you can't climb, but I believe that idea is a function of lack of information".

The updated services Melissa provides have helped thousands of people finance homes and allows you to submit your best purchase offers to help increase your chance of acceptance.

So if you are looking to refinance your home and are searching for answers contact Melissa Milton today!

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