Find Out How These 18 Inch Boy Dolls Can Fulfill Quest For More Diverse Options By Visiting This Website

Feb 16, 2017

Parents can find the boy doll they have been looking for, now that there will be another boy doll option offered by a well-known 18 inch doll brand. Boys and girls alike will benefit from having the opportunity to role play with their boy dolls, which creates more of a balance in our society’s handling of what we teach our children about becoming loving and caring individuals. Boys can join in the fun with their sisters and play with their own dolls, with a full line of clothing and accessories made in America by LorettaRose, LLC.

  • find out how these 18 inch boy dolls can fulfill quest for more diverse options
  • find out how these 18 inch boy dolls can fulfill quest for more diverse options

LorettaRose, LLC has announced that the launch of a new 18 inch boy doll by a major, well-known brand of girl dolls affirms the demand for boy dolls in the marketplace. My Sibling boy dolls were launched in September 2007, because the founder of LorettaRose, LLC believed there was a large gap in the toy industry for dolls which would bring a diversity of options for parents to choose from for their children.

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LorettaRose, LLC is a family owned company which has two brand names, My Sibling and My Pal, and aims to fulfill the demand for 18 inch boy dolls. Their focus is on teaching children, through the theme booklets that come with each doll, to care for their peers and their environment, so they learn while playing and having fun.

When LorettaRose, LLC first launched their doll program they offered three boy dolls in their product line, and expanded it through the years to the eleven characters they have today. They firmly believed that boys were entitled to and needed the same opportunities as girls to learn, through play, to love, and care for a doll, and to role play about family life. The creator’s thought process behind this belief was that if our society wants boys to grow up to be loving, kind and nurturing brothers, boyfriends, husbands and fathers we need to offer them as much opportunity to learn about this through play as possible; just as girls are given the opportunity to play about being sisters, girlfriends, wives and mothers by playing with their girl dolls. There was also recognition of the need for girls to have the option to play with boy dolls, as companions to their girl dolls. Since there was already such a plethora of 18 inch girl dolls available, it seemed only logical to focus their efforts on creating a diverse range of 18 inch boy dolls.

Also, since the creators of My Sibling and My Pal Dolls had been passionate advocates for people with disabilities, and knew that many more boys were effected by the rise in developmental disabilities in recent years, it seemed all the more important for the company to offer boy dolls. It is so helpful and supportive to a little boy to have someone to relate to and love when they are struggling with the challenges they face, having a loved one in their family with a disability. Other times, it’s the boy with the disability for whom a parent wants to buy a doll so he will have a companion to comfort him.

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