Find Candidates Faster With Video Resume Application Platform For HR Departments

Oct 18, 2021

Who has time for lengthy phone interviews and dull written resumes? We at TalentVid are a unique video resume production company giving candidates the chance to send a 10-minute video of themselves. We’ve recently updated our corporate packages to suit your needs and budget.

How many hours do you spend reviewing all the resumes given to you, calling and setting up phone interviews, and then deciding who to meet? We know. It’s a pain – and incredibly taxing! What if we told you that we have one product that can simplify all these steps?

With the goal of weeding out unengaged applicants,our improved services are recommended for businesses who want to simplify how they meet potential employees. Now, you can choose among three packages that suit your specific needs and budget.

Check out now.

The newly announced corporate packages come at a time when more companies are shifting a percentage of their businesses online. Analysts suggest that as more groups shift towards remote teams, their HR departments should adapt and accept video applications as well.

Is your business adapting?

Our unique platform offers three benefits to online hiring. The first, and most important, is that you only see motivated applicants. Asking potential employees to make a 10-minute video of themselves requires a certain amount of dedication and proves to your hiring manager their desire to be hired.

Secondly, video resumes allow you to see the person at the same time you’re reviewing their application. This allows your hiring manager to view the applicant in their natural form – including how they talk, move, and act.

This leads to the last benefit: it significantly hastens the hiring process. Your HR department now does not have to go through multiple inefficient steps to see whether an applicant is the “right fit” for your company. The video application already answers several asked and unasked questions.

We recognize the need for a faster, more efficient way of handling applicants. That is why we have announced our newly updated corporate packages. You can choose whether you would want unlimited video interviews, 35 video applications per month, or a la carte options.

Subscription packages can range anywhere from $50 to $1000 per month depending on the needs of your business.

We encourage you to schedule a demo and consultation with us online.

Here’s what one of our representatives said: “Comparing TalentVid is difficult due to its uniqueness. The problem with video interview platforms is that they are scripted, lengthy, and require a great deal of setup and time from you. We eliminate that.”

Hiring should be fun – not wasteful. Start a better way of meeting potential employees today.

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