Financial Planner For Recent Retirees In Franklin, TN Guarantees Lifetime Income

Sep 7, 2023

The financial planners at Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) want every retiree in Franklin to live their post-retirement years to their fullest, and will make sure your money is invested well and is working as hard for you as possible.

Goldstone Financial Group hopes you live to see your 100th birthday and believes you should plan for a retirement that will make every post-retirement year truly golden.

For Goldstone Financial Group, financial planning and retirement planning don’t just stop when you retire, but rather good planning continues throughout your lifetime; ensuring you continue to live well during your golden years and have a financial legacy to leave behind to your family. That’s why the trusted financial planners have updated their services for recent retirees. 

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With interest rates and the share market remaining volatile, and with high inflation continuing to grip the United States and most of the world, Goldstone Financial Group has seen that many recent retirees have seen their retirement savings decline in relative terms. Therefore, their fiduciary advisors and investment experts advise that you should seek trusted financial advice about how your retirement savings are invested and managed. 

With Goldstone’s updated services for recent retirees, they will firstly evaluate your 401(k) or IRA’s performance, if you have one. While 401(k)s are advantageous while you are working, Goldstone has seen that rolling over these funds into a Traditional or Roth IRA may ultimately bring you more favorable interest rates and tax reductions. 

While all withdrawals from 401(k)s and IRAs must be carefully considered, Goldstone can also use sophisticated modelling to see whether these funds will perform better for you if they are withdrawn and reinvested in alternate investments like indexed or mutual funds and annuities. 

Goldstone Financial Group is confident that with their team’s expertise and their firm’s extensive market knowledge, they can effectively model exactly how far your current savings will go, and can then develop a tailored strategy that focuses on maximizing your income and investments, even as you draw on these funds. 

Goldstone Financial Group has offices in Franklin, Nashville and throughout Tennessee. 

A spokesperson for the financial planners said, “Goldstone specializes in providing alternative solutions for your IRA and 401(k) rollovers. We can help you design an income strategy that helps conserve and grow your rollover assets, as well as incorporates insurance and investment vehicles to create opportunities for guaranteed income throughout your retirement. We think of it as an income strategy to help you bridge the paycheck gap in retirement.” 

With Goldstone Financial Group, you’ll be able to make plenty of time for yourself and your family in retirement, and enjoy every minute of it without any financial stress.

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