Financial Legacy Planners In West Meade Reduce Tax On Multigenerational Wealth

May 25, 2023

West Meade’s leading investment advisors, Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300), want you to know that inheritance is one of the main ways your children can gain financial security, which is why they’re here to organize your estate.

Goldstone Financial Group believes it just makes cents that you think about what will happen to your money after you go, because, all jokes aside, you can change your children’s financial future for the better.

Goldstone Financial Group’s estate planning services focus on your financial legacy. The investment advisors appreciate that after a lifetime of hard work, you want to leave your children with an amount of wealth that will guarantee financial security.

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Goldstone Financial Group also knows that in today’s economic climate, inheritance is now one of the most defining factors of a person’s financial outcomes, in many cases, more so than income. It is with this in mind that they have branded their estate planning services legacy planning, because they understand that when it comes to your estate, your money means a lot more than just dollars and cents.

As the financial planners explain, accumulating wealth in your lifetime is just the first step, and it does not automatically follow that future generations of your family will benefit from your wealth unless a comprehensive estate plan is put into place.

Goldstone Financial Group’s estate planning services therefore focus firstly on wills and living trusts. These will divide assets amongst your remaining family members and children. The financial advisors have seen that, sadly, families can be torn apart when somebody passes without a legally binding will. They also recommend that—when done with astute financial consideration and planning—asset division can meaningfully enhance the wealth of your family for generations.

In order to best provide for your family’s future generations, Goldstone also believes it is imperative that your taxes are reduced in the present, and one of the core focuses of their legacy planning is tax minimization. This applies to both your assets and investments as they grow in value, and later, when they are inherited.

As highly experienced financial, investment, tax and retirement planners, Goldstone Financial Group is also confident that they can give you new options for your legacy that you may not have previously considered. This includes Inherited IRAs, which are retirement accounts that can be passed down between generations.

A spokesperson for the investment advisory firm said, “​Planning for the future is essential, especially when it comes to securing your assets and protecting your loved ones. Goldstone Financial Group’s estate planning and legacy planning services can help you ensure that your personal financial health and your legacy are well protected, even after you’re gone. By creating a living will, setting up a trust, and planning for inheritance, you can leave a lasting impact and provide for those you care about.”

If invested and planned well, your money can look after your children and grandchildren after you're gone.

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