Field Duty Folder

Jun 7, 2023

Introducing Liong Mah Design’s Field Duty Folder, the perfect EDC knife for modern users. With its durable, versatile, and stylish design, this addition to the Field Duty series showcases Liong Mah Design’s commitment to pushing the limits of knife innovation. Experience excellence in every flip.

Palm Bay, FL - Liong Mah Design, a leading knife designer with a reputation for creating high-quality EDC (Everyday Carry) knives, has announced the release of its latest innovation, the Field Duty Folder. This cutting-edge design is the newest addition to their popular Field Duty series, available at

The Field Duty Folder is designed with the needs of modern users in mind, focusing on durability, versatility, and functionality. It is the perfect addition to any EDC knife collection, ideal for those seeking a reliable and stylish blade for everyday use. The unique design features are a testament to Liong Mah Design's commitment to pushing the limits of knife design.

Available now at, the Field Duty Folder is joining an already impressive lineup of EDC knives, including the Field Duty, GSD v2, Hawk, KUF, L1, and Lanny V2. Liong Mah Design also offers featured items such as the T-1 Tanto One, Traveler, Warrior 2v3, and Zulu, which demonstrate the brand's dedication to innovation and excellence.

Based in Palm Bay, FL, Liong Mah Design services areas across the United States, including Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Seattle, WA, Phoenix, AZ, and Columbus, OH. The company has built a strong reputation for designing and producing some of the best EDC knives on the market.

One satisfied customer had this to say about their experience with the Field Duty Folder: "Flipping action and detent are perfect. It’s light but still full-sized.” With its sleek design and exceptional performance, the Field Duty Folder is set to become a must-have for EDC knife enthusiasts.

For more information about Liong Mah Design and their innovative EDC knives, visit their website at

About Liong Mah Design:

Liong Mah Design is a renowned knife designer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Their commitment to creating high-quality, innovative EDC knives has made them a trusted name among knife enthusiasts. Liong Mah Design is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knife design and providing exceptional products for its customers.

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