Fed Up Of Digital News? Discover A Newspaper On Activist Communities Inside!

Apr 26, 2021

Stories to Change the World has recently released its physical newspaper featuring personal stories and artwork from activist communities to help you understand and appreciate the work they do.

Are you tired of the news and media you read online? Would you like a physical newspaper that highlights the personal stories of activists?

Stories to Change the World has recently launched a 10-issue physical newspaper that focuses on publishing personal stories and visual artwork from activists around the world.

Visit https://stcwpublishing.com/newspaper for more information.

The newspaper, titled ‘International Activists Collections,’ gives you a fresh perspective on the lives and work of activists towards improving the world, as well as helping you to understand current events.

In today’s screen-dominated world, it is easy for you to find news and reports through mobile phones, tablets, and computer screens. However, this digital focus on media is often led by corporations who filter their output according to their needs. Stories to Change the World’s new physical publication provides you with an alternative medium with content that looks at the stories and artwork from activist communities.

International Activists Collections comprises ten issues, all of which are printed on 100% compostable materials and gives you a wide selection of articles to read. Alongside the stories, the newspaper also features profiles on sustainable organizations to help raise your awareness of their work.

The publication also includes predictive fiction by activist authors whose works highlight and consider the planet’s future. If you are looking to get involved in the activist community yourself, you can find calls to action and activities detailed within the International Activists Collections.

You can purchase the ten-issue series as a complete set, with issues being delivered to you every month. Alternatively, you can buy individual issues of the newspaper or in double sets depending on your needs.

Stories to Change the World publishes works by people of color, feminists, informed optimists, and youth groups from around the world to provide a secure space for voices that are often excluded in other areas. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to the inclusion of people of all ages, races, nationalities, medical needs, sexuality, and beliefs.

A spokesperson for Stories to Change the World said, “The series is helping teens and adults imaginatively change the future by artfully processing the horrors of the world.”

Find a fresh perspective on the world around you with Stories to Change the World’s International Activists Collections today!

For more information, you can visit https://stcwpublishing.com/newspaper

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