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May 4, 2021

Do you care about the future of our environment? Do you wish more people were telling the story of climate change? Then contribute to Future Folklore’s crowdfunding page and help support their climate fiction writing contest.

It is time the world heard the story of climate change! Help Future Folklore spread the message by donating to their climate fiction contest fundraiser!

Alexis Mercedes, a project manager for small creative teams, has launched a crowdfunding page for Future Folklore, a climate fiction writing contest in Portland, OR. The contest aims to spread the story of climate by inviting writers to submit entries to a climate fiction anthology.

Go to to find out more.

The recently launched crowdfunding page has been designed so that the writing contest is accessible to anyone. Future Folklore does not charge submission fees, enabling writers from all walks of life to apply. Using the online fundraiser platform, crowdfunding also allows the organization to award prize money to contributors and pay judges, editors, and administrators.

Future Folklore aims to publish an anthology of tales that imagine a fair and inclusive future. Climate fiction, a subgenre of speculative fiction, focuses on the consequences of climate change such as global warming. Help aspiring writers tell stories that help us care for our planet.

Climate change challenges us to look ahead to how life might be for future generations and this requires imagination. As Alexis Mercedes explains, this is more important than ever because imagination invents reality. Climate change affects us all from farming and trade to extreme weather and health threats.

Using short story prompts, the contest invites you to reflect on topics such as colonization, supremacist ideologies, and humans’ effect on the Earth.

Committed to reflecting the diverse nature of the world we live in, Future Folklore ensures that their submissions are fully inclusive. The organization also asks voluntary, confidential questions about race, gender, and sexuality in submissions to improve their recruitment process in other competitions and ensure equal opportunities. In addition to this, all submissions will be judged blind to ensure a fair result.

Future Folklore uses half of all fundraising contributions to award prizes to all writers, a winner, two runners-up, and other noteworthy contributors. The organization prides itself on offering the finished e-book anthology at no charge.

A spokesperson for the contest said: “Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life!”

With the latest announcement, Future Folklore is committed to telling the world about the impact of climate change.

Help Future Folklore spread the message of climate change. Click on the link to find out more.

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