Stuck in a Rut? This Project Management Professional in Portland, OR Can Help!

Apr 28, 2021

Certified project management professional in Portland, OR, Alexis Mercedes, updates her personalized services for non-profits and independent artists. Alexis specializes in time and cost management.

Has your project suddenly gone off track? If you don’t know how to fix or realign yourself with your business goals, then you need the services of this project management professional!

Alexis, a certified project management professional in Portland, Oregon, announces that her consultation services have been updated to include improved strategies on starting a new business. Alexis specializes in drafting simple yet effective affordable communication and cost management plans for small creative teams.

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The updated services support non-profit organizations or solo artists struggling to develop a professional image or improve their brand visibility. Through her expertise, you strengthen your marketing direction and are given the proper tools to execute your communication strategies.

Alexis was certified by the Project Management Institute last January 2021. Unlike other project management professionals, Alexis focuses on smaller businesses, charities, and independent artists and helps them improve their marketing and communication strategy.

Alexis, who also goes by the name Alexis Mercedes, offers tailored personal management solutions for projects that have gone out of scope, out of budget, or off-schedule. She is known in the industry for closely working with her clients to develop effective strategies that realign a project to its intended purpose.

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To help you decide on a project management strategy, Alexis encourages you to schedule a 20-minute exploratory call with her, which she gives for free. During the call, Alexis determines the feasibility of the project, the estimated time and cost to achieve your goals, and potential training on project management.

From there, you can request a 90-minute consultation and training with Alexis. The training is tailored to match your specific needs and goals.

You may also request an on-call option with Alexis. This support is charged per hour.

With the newly updated services, Alexis continues her mission to provide end-to-end project management solutions to charities and struggling creatives.

Alexis writes, “As a certified Project Management Professional, I produce projects I believe are important to Earth’s longevity and help others do the same.”

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