Feature Your Christchurch Local Business Online And Generate New Leads

Jun 27, 2020

Give your brand unlimited visibility among local Christchurch residents. List your business on https://localbizchristchurch.co.nz today.

Are you a small business owner in Christchurch looking to compete against big stores? List your business with Local Biz Christchurch, a company that can help you boost the visibility of your brand with local customers.

A local listing gives your business the credibility and visibility that naturally attracts customers. The Christchurch business listing company now offers premium paid business listings alongside free listings on its website. These searchable listings help businesses generate more leads and sales by showcasing their brand to prospective local customers in the city https://localbizchristchurch.co.nz.

Local Biz Christchurch basic listings allow your business to feature basic information including your business name, address, phone number, and website. When you pay for a premium listing you may also include your company logo, email address, video, slideshow, and Google Map location, and business category. Featured listings are free, but require the business to contact Local Biz Christchurch.

Featured premium listings allow you to showcase new services and social media channels to potential customers. Residents benefit from the use of a single searchable directory that can help them your business and get world-class services at affordable prices.

Here are some recommended Plumbers in Christchurch https://localbizchristchurch.co.nz/listing-categories/plumber/

Local Biz Christchurch also provides a wide range of online marketing services including local SEO, Google My Business setup, SEO audits, social media setup, website design, content writing, and documentation services. The company carries listings for businesses, nonprofits, institutions, and organizations across Canterbury.

The company features new Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership plans that are priced to include end-customer discounts of 10 to 30 per cent off their first invoice. Register your business with Local Biz Christchurch today and watch your leads and sales grow.

Local Biz Christchurch is a local business listing company serving the Christchurch community for more than 18 years. Visit https://localbizchristchurch.co.nz and https://vimeo.com/422670595 for more information about how to list your Christchurch business online.

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