Fast MedSpa Training With No Qualifications To Start Esthetics Career In Halifax

Jul 31, 2023

Is it time to quit your dead-end job, and get a career that’s going places? The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) can help with that – and working in a MedSpa, you’ll meet all the right people to build up your industry connections.

You've probably heard people say before, at least a million times, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

But have you ever considered that maybe there's more to it than that?

I would like to propose that we add a new line, so the saying should actually read, "It's not what you know, it's who you know, and how you know them."

That makes sense, right? If you know Steven Spielberg, that sounds great - but it really depends if you know him because you did a terrible job of valet parking his car, or because you helped his wife to look 10 years younger... Do you know what I mean?

Well, all that is a long way of saying - if you want to build up some industry connections, get out of your dead-end job, and make something of your life, you probably won't get there by poorly valet parking famous people's cars. It's just not a memorable job - but do you know what is?

I'll give you a hint, you can do most of your training online, but you'll need at least one week of in-person, practical training, at one of their many locations across Canada.

Still stumped? It's the Dermsyk Medical Aesthetics Academy, and if you haven't heard of them, you can learn everything you need to know at

You've probably heard of them already though, unless you've been living under a rock.

The Dermysk Academy has become well-known as a top aesthetician training school, with locations stretching from coast to coast across Canada. What's really cool though, is these new courses that use a hybrid learning program that allows anyone to apply, even if you don't live near their Academy.

How? Well, that's easy, you just do most of your work online, at your own pace, from anywhere you can access the internet. Obviously, you'll need some practical training as well, but that comes later, and you can schedule it for just about any time after you finish the online classes.

You don't need anything special to apply, just a high school diploma, or some form of relevant work experience. That's all, and you're good to go, at least until you get to the Advanced training. That's a whole different class though, and while it requires at least 5 years of industry experience, you can enroll any time if you've already graduated from the Basic program.

So let's talk about that one. In the Basic program, you will learn everything required to begin your MedSpa career, and you'll gain enough real-world experience to begin working in a clinic immediately after graduation. This program includes training in micro-blading, dermaplaning, professional acne treatments, laser tattoo removal, and several other popular procedures. There are about a dozen, but you can find the full list on the Dermysk Academy website.

You'll want to visit there anyway, to see everything you can learn, how it all works, and what your new career as an aesthetician will be like. You can also find information about all the stuff you'll learn that I didn't have room to mention, like industry-specific strategies, and information about running your own business.

It's too bad you have to do the online training first, although I understand why it works that way, obviously. The practical training is a lot more fun, and you get to work with real medical aesthetic tools and clients, while closely supervised by a Dermysk Academy training specialist. At the end of the one-week training session, you will be fully experienced in all the Basic procedures and you'll be enrolled in the Academy’s post-graduate support program.

This program can help you to find career placements in your local area, as well as job opportunities across the country, and it allows you to return at any time to upgrade your MedSpa training with certification for more complex procedures, such as Cool Sculpting.

If you don't know what Cool Sculpting is, well, it's almost what it sounds like. It uses cool temperatures to non-invasively sculpt your client's physique, removing unwanted fat along the way, but only in carefully selected areas.

Of course, that's not taught until you take the Advanced training, or you can find it in the all-inclusive Master-level training program.

Maybe I'll see you there, and we can help each other to perfect our physiques during the training.

Just don't forget to bookmark their page, and register soon so you can start your new career right away, at

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