Fast ERC Rebate Application 2023: Maximize SMB COVID Tax Credits With PPP Loans

Mar 24, 2023

Claim your ERC tax credits before the deadline, the easy way. This free eligibility check and fast application service will guarantee you the maximum allowable rebate, with zero risk and no up-front fees, and it only takes a few minutes.

Fast ERC Rebate Application 2023: Maximize SMB COVID Tax Credits With PPP Loans

Did you know that the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) program is still accepting applications, and still giving away free money, with no strings attached?

Not only that, but the maximum allowable rebates have increased, and it's gotten easier to qualify - the only catch is that you have to submit an application before the deadline, and the longer you wait, the longer it will take to process your refund.

That's why Claim Your ERC Recovery has partnered with a firm of ERC specialist CPAs, to help you find out if you qualify, maximize your rebate, and complete your application, all in less time than it takes to drink a hot cup of coffee.

Try it out for yourself, you can take the free eligibility test right now, with no strings attached, just visit

The free eligibility test only asks 10 simple questions, carries no obligation, and does not require any proprietary business information. If you think there's even a tiny chance you might qualify, you should fill it in and find out, it only takes a minute.

It's also been updated with all the latest changes, so it can help you to qualify even if you didn't before - whether that's because you already received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, had too many employees, or operated the wrong type of business.

Claim Your ERC Recovery can help you to claim up to $26,000 per employee, with no repayment required, and no restrictions on how the funds can be spent. It doesn't matter if you run a restaurant, a clinic, or a church - they can probably help.

Rebates are available for all business types, as long as you had between 5 and 500 W-2 employees on the payroll during the pandemic. That includes startups, new businesses founded during the pandemic, and even non-profit organizations like churches, schools, and performing art centers.

How much can you claim though? The easiest way to find out, is with the free eligibility test. As soon as you're done, it will give you a fast estimate of your available funding, which is also free. Of course, it's just an estimate - and if you want an exact number, I suggest using the 15 Minute Refund program.

After completing the eligibility assessment, you'll receive a link to the 15 Minute Refund program, which is offered exclusively by a single ERC specialist CPA team. This rebate application service guarantees you the maximum allowable rebate from the federal government, with a time commitment of 15 minutes or less from you.

It's easy to access too. The entire program is provided with no risk, and no up-front fees, to allow equal access to all employers. No business will be charged until after it has received a rebate amount, and if you do not receive a rebate for any reason, you will not be charged at all.

A spokesperson explained, “We only specialize in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. You won’t find us preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services of any kind.”

This new program makes the ERC process a win-win, even if you think you didn't qualify before.

It's the fastest way to get your application completed, with a maximum allowable rebate guarantee, and it's absolutely free if you don't receive a check from the IRS.

Take the free eligibility right now, visit

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