Fast Chaplaincy Program for Students Allows You to Earn a Teacher’s Salary

Feb 15, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) will help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a youth leader with an accredited chaplaincy program, which you can take even if you’re still in university.

Fast Chaplaincy Program for Students Allows You to Earn a Teacher’s Salary

You don't need to wait until after graduation to heed your calling. If you feel strongly about the youth and how they should be provided with spiritual and moral guidance, the NSCA's chaplaincy program is for you. You can also get a head start in your career, get experience, and build your network.

The program is open for college students who want to earn a teacher’s salary while in college or university. Depending on your training level, you get up to one year of college credits upon completion of the course.

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The association’s chaplaincy program integrates with your bachelor’s or associate’s degree, so you do not need to take a gap year or fall behind on your studies. The chaplaincy program is offered in collaboration with Oklahoma Christian University, and with teachers who specialize in chaplaincy, ministry, and bible studies.

The training program has three levels, depending on the experience level that the applicant has. Level One training is for chaplains, pastors, or ministers who already have licenses from other legally recognized agencies. This level requires very little training and is focused only on placement.

Level Two and Three are recommended for college students. For those who have teaching experience or have previously worked for youth groups, Level Two’s 48-hour training program teaches the basics of chaplaincy and how to provide spiritual and moral care to children and teenagers. On average, classes are eight hours per week, and the entire program runs for six weeks. You will get one college credit or three CEU credits when you complete the course.

Level Three is designed for students with no experience teaching or working with youth groups. It is an intensive one-year program that includes bible studies, crisis management, ministry, and counseling. You will get a year’s worth of college credit, which can be counted towards whatever degree you are working on, whether bachelor’s or associate’s.

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With chaplains in more than 20 countries and serving more than 20,000 schools and millions of students, the NSCA’s chaplaincy program has been proven effective in minimizing issues like fighting, disrespect for authority, poor academic performance, violence against students, teachers, and staff, drugs and other vices, and teen pregnancy. Chaplaincy has given students a place where they can vent out their frustrations and seek solace in not just the chaplain’s words but from a higher power.

As a chaplain, you have the unique opportunity to change the youth's lives for the better. You are not only there to make their academic or adolescent life easier, but you are also there to teach them life lessons they will carry for the rest of their lives.

You create a ripple effect in their lives and the lives of the people they will come across, and you become part of the NSCA's goal to give each individual a strong religious and spiritual foundation.

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