Farmers & Cooperatives are raving about Edelman Automation

Apr 27, 2021

Harvest and planting season can be very stressful. Edelman Automation can help

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be able to control your machinery remotely.

Not only do you have the potential for a huge financial loss if something goes wrong with your equipment, but there are also safety concerns that must be addressed. Even if nothing catastrophic happens, you still lose time and money because of downtime caused by machine failures or malfunctions.

Edelman Automation has been one of the most trusted names in automation systems design and installation. We can help you build custom controls that will run on-site or off site using our cloud-based software solutions. You can access real-time data from anywhere using our mobile app!

The biggest challenge for farmers is dealing with the amount of data that comes from their farms. They need to know what’s happening in real-time, but they also need historical information about how much yield they produced last year and other important metrics. Edelman Automation has a solution! We provide cloud-based controls that help you manage your crops more efficiently and save time on tasks like inventory tracking. Our system will even alert you when something goes wrong so you can fix it before it becomes a big problem.

Farmers are getting older and the younger generation is not taking over. The reason is that working at a grain cooperative has become stressful, unsafe, time-consuming, and boring.

Edelman Automation can change all this by automating your grain cooperative. We provide you with modern control systems that make it easy to operate and improve safety for both employees and customers alike. Our systems also ensure smooth operation of the plant which means less stress for the employees who work there as well as fewer errors in accounting etc…

The grain cooperatives are the lifeblood of many communities but they can be very stressful and dangerous places to work. We want to help. Call now for a free quote. or click here to learn more about- Edelman Automation

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