Farm And Ranch Real Estate Brokerage Venture West Ranches Launches Estate Planning Seminar

Mar 8, 2017

Bozeman Montana farm and ranch real estate brokerage Venture West Ranches launched its 2nd Estate Planning Seminar. The seminar is designed to equip farm and ranch owners with the tools and tips to make sound estate planning decisions that benefit themselves and their families.

Bozeman, MT farm and ranch real estate brokerage Venture West Ranches announced the launch of its 2nd Estate Planning Seminar for Gallatin Valley farmers and ranchers. The purpose of this seminar is to aid farmers, ranchers, and landowners in Montana understand the need and the benefits of real estate planning for their properties.

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Estate planning has gained relevance among property owners who seek to maximize the utility, productivity, and effective use of their farms and ranches. Without a comprehensive plan, large tracts of real estate can face overwhelming estate tax bills. Left unchecked, this impacts the value and the utility of the land for generations.

The ranch real estate planning seminar in Bozeman, MT takes participants through a step-by-step program that imparts fundamental knowledge of estate planning. Delegates also receive essential practical tips and key considerations before they visit a estate planning professional. The aim of the seminar is to help farm and ranch owners who are preparing to hand over properties to the next generation or negotiate the sale of a portion or their whole property.

Considering the advancing age of Montana's farmers and the complexities of estate planning and real estate law in the state, the seminar helps participants anticipate the needs of future generations. The seminar also provides a suite of estate planning tools that are specific to farmlands and ranches.

According to a spokesperson for Venture West Ranches, "We believe that effective and farsighted estate planning is a process that involves the landowner and his family. While financial and legal considerations are important, we believe that our seminar equips landowners with the tools and strategies that help them make responsible estate decisions that benefit them and their families for generations to come."

The Venture West Ranches seminar is sponsored by Buzz Tatom, a rancher and farmland sales agent from Big Sky, MT and Paul Stafford, a business consultant with more than two decades of experience in farmland and ranch estate planning. They are both ranchers themselves and understand the critical challenges farmers and ranchers are facing now and in the coming decade.

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