Eyecare Opticians In Kingston Upon Thames Help With Myopia Management

Apr 11, 2024

Kingston Upon Thames’s most innovative optician, Eyecare Opticians (020-8549-0331), is pleased to be at the forefront of good vision and eye health, and they encourage you to book your yearly check-up.

Eyecare Opticians believes that your sight is truly a precious thing, and they want you to see as well as possible. That’s why they have invested in some of the best diagnostic and restorative technology available.

If you want to enjoy a lifetime of 20/20 vision, go to https://www.eyecareopticians.com/ to book your eye health test.

Get The Right Prescription Eyewear

With Eyecare Opticians’ eye testing services, you can be sure that you will:

  • find the right prescription eyewear for your needs,
  • prevent further degradation of your eyesight
  • and identify any underlying issues that could affect the health of your eyes or your vision in the long term. 

The team of highly qualified opticians at Eyecare Opticians wants you to know that, with the right advice and the right prescription eyewear, the progression of common sight conditions like myopia can be slowed. 

Why Regular Eye Health Checks Matter

If you’ve been tempted to just go online for discounted eyewear, the opticians caution that a lack of proper oversight and regular examination can actually leave you with the wrong glasses or contacts, an error that can swiftly lead to an irreversible worsening of your vision. 

A spokesperson for the opticians at Eyecare Opticians said, “Regular eye examinations are important and the sooner that issues with your vision are detected, the greater the chance of successful treatment. The results of an eye exam do not only relate to your vision; they can also reveal a number of underlying health problems. Our eye tests are comprehensive and thorough and tailored to suit each individual patient.” 

Protect Your Eyes & Vision

In order to give you the most comprehensive vision and eye health analysis services, the clinic is pleased to now be offering advanced scanning services like Optomap retinal photography, which can catch the early warning signs of macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma and cancer.

The clinic combines this service with a REVO-OCT Wellness Scan, which uses the most advanced retinal topography scanning available in the UK to monitor even the slightest changes in your eyes over time. 

Slow Down The Progression Of Myopia & Vision Loss

In addition to advanced diagnosis technology, the team at Eyecare Opticians is also committed to bringing you the best eye-health-improving technology. As a part of their comprehensive eye health services, they can now also offer you red light therapy, which, under clinical trial, was shown to reduce the progression of myopia by up to 87.7%. Other innovative eyewear technology now on offer includes the Ortho-k lenses, which you can wear at night to reduce the symptoms of myopia. 

Eyecare Opticians knows that everyone is spending more time on screens which, although good news for connectivity, is bad news for eyesight, especially myopia. That’s why it is so essential that you book an annual vision and eye health check to address subtle vision changes and underlying health issues before they become a problem.  

About Eyecare Opticians, Your Partner In 20/20 Vision

Eyecare Opticians has been serving the Kingston Upon Thames community since 2009 and they are pleased to have assembled one of the region’s most experienced, innovative and passionate teams of opticians.

At Eyecare Opticians, a whole new world of better vision awaits. Visit https://www.eyecareopticians.com/ to see what great eye care looks like.

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