Expert San Mateo Chiropractor Offers Massage Ball For Stretching Assistance

May 24, 2023

If you can’t get immediate chiropractic care, and you’re looking for self-massage solutions, check out High Amplitude Health San Mateo Chiropractor’s new massage ball! Text them at 650-735-1716 today!

Nothing can put a damper on your long-awaited road trip like those back pains you’ve been trying to ignore. Or maybe you have frozen shoulders that are ruining your staycation. Either way, if things are hurting, then you probably need a chiropractor. But what happens if you can’t access one?

That’s easy. Before you go on any long trips - or decide to spend an extended period of time at home - pick up one of High Amplitude Health's massage balls! Designed to simulate the myofascial release and massage therapy you’d get at the chiropractor’s office, you can rest assured that with one of these in your bag, pain relief will never be far away!

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably here looking for a chiropractor. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in your chiropractic needs. According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors treat an estimated 35 million Americans each year. A separate study also found that an average of one million chiropractic adjustments are performed across America each day.

Traveling can worsen existing musculoskeletal conditions, as stress (both the physiological and psychological kind) and long travel times can lead to increased muscle stiffness. It’s even worse if you have to fly; changes in air pressure may trigger an inflammatory response in your body, further exacerbating existing muscle pain. Chiropractic care may also be less accessible to you for many reasons, preventing you from getting much-needed pain relief. For example, if you’re in Japan, it might be kind of hard to get a chiropractor on demand if you don’t know a lick of Japanese!

But High Amplitude Health's massage ball will eliminate such trifles! With a diameter of roughly five inches, the massage ball, aptly named The Best Massage Ball Ever, is small enough to be transported in a carry-on bag, and its size also allows it to be effective in many areas of your body, including your IT bands, gluteus muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and adductors. The massage ball can also be used for larger muscles, such as your upper back, neck, and shoulders, making it ideal for office workers and fitness enthusiasts alike. It’s basically like having a massage therapist in your pocket!

You can change the air pressure in the massage ball with the built-in air valve, allowing you to adjust the firmness of the product to achieve your preferred level of deep tissue compression. High Amplitude Health, a Chiropractor in San Mateo, recommends bracing the ball between your body and a hard surface, such as a wall or the backrest of a plane seat, and rolling it over tight muscles. Used in this way, the ball can loosen knots and relieve sciatica and other kinds of pain. Self-therapy is the new self-care!

By releasing its product, High Amplitude Health remains committed to helping Americans achieve healthy, pain-free lifestyles. The practice also offers sports massages, assisted stretch therapy, and myofascial therapy to relieve back, shoulder, and hip pain, post-surgical, sports- and work-related injuries, osteoarthritis, and migraines.

High Amplitude Health in San Mateo, CA has been a trusted chiropractic care provider in the San Francisco Bay Area for 10 years.

Don’t wait until you’re on that 16-hour flight across the world before you discover which parts of your body hurt the most. If you know you won’t be in a position to get immediate chiropractic care in the near future, pick up one of High Amplitude Health's massage balls today.

Because, let’s be real, enduring 16 hours of debilitating muscle pain would be nothing short of torture. And you don’t deserve that.

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