Expert Info Product Email Marketing Course Teaches Millionaire Mindset Tactics

Jan 12, 2024

Want to create an online business? With The Controversial Plan, you can find the best info products to promote and learn expert techniques for building your list and driving more sales!

The Controversial Plan teaches you everything you need to know about building a digital business, selling info products online, and growing an audience. There's no excuse NOT to get started today – and build a financially free, flexible future where you're in control of your own time!

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Start earning from day one

The program offers actionable lessons for improving conversion with automation and system design but combines this with mindset coaching. You will learn how to select niche-specific products with the highest growth potential, and how the most successful entrepreneurs plan for 'abundance' - with frameworks that can help you visualize and pursue your business goals.

As social media opens doors for more people to monetize their skills, knowledge, and creativity online, the appeal of entrepreneurship continues to grow. The creator economy’s market size reflects this, with projections estimating it will reach $104.2 billion in 2024, according to industry leader Influencer Marketing Hub.

From email to social media domination

With introspective exercises, marketing templates, and frameworks, The Controversial Plan guides you through an introductory online marketing series covering the essentials of email, social media, and content strategy. This lays the foundation for the other modules - which use psychology and sales principles to maximize customer lifetime value.

The ‘Millionaire Mindset’ module offers motivational techniques to tap into your inner resilience. Professional resources are also included, such as the ‘60-Second Sales Hook’ which helps you articulate your offer's value, and formulas to increase engagement through landing page copy and email sales letters.

Find the best products faster

You will gain access to the company’s suite of information products across niches like finance, relationships, and health - and by marketing these existing assets, you can immediately apply teachings to drive leads and grow your audience.

Customizable funnels, email templates, and ad creatives are also provided to reduce initial setup barriers, and you can quickly build traction to establish success throughout 2024.

A spokesperson states: “The first five modules outline the foundation for online marketing, while the next main section in the program covers how to launch an online business and discusses the pros and cons of free versus paid advertising. From there, you can learn about scaling traffic.”

If you've wanted to build your own digital business, there's never been a better time!

Check out to see how you can change your life with an info product empire!

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