Expert Inbound Marketing Strategies Powered By Hubspot: Start Using SEO Content

May 30, 2023

Manufacturing businesses can partner with Behind The Work to build powerful digital SEO and inbound marketing content to draw in new leads and scale their business.

If you run a manufacturing business, then your customers need to know that you will produce a reliable product in a timely manner. If they don't believe that to be the case, they will simply move on to your competitor. With this in mind, you need to be building a digital brand that portrays the same level of quality as that of your product. However, doing this without breaking the bank can be difficult, especially when working through traditional channels.

Behind The Work has seen the difficulty that many legacy manufacturing businesses have had in adapting their advertising model to the online realm; as such, it offers its services to help make it infinitely easier to do so. Their all-in-one inbound marketing service focuses on building an online home for your business that potential leads will be unable to look away from at every step of the sales funnel process.

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As part of this service, Behind The Work can build powerful and versatile HubSpot integrations to serve as the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy. From there, Behind The Work can power that advertising ecosystem with engaging custom content proven to drive lead-generation efforts.

The content and integrations provided by Behind The Work are tailored to meet the needs of your business and to target your desired market to pull in qualified leads where they already exist and are ready to convert. The content they can create is engaging and professional, allowing you to put forward an authoritative brand image even without a large advertising budget.

Behind The Work is a premium HubSpot partner, and they have the expertise necessary to integrate that ERP system into any manufacturing business ecosystem. The platform can support a large number of advertising and resource management needs, making it useful even outside of the content marketing ecosystem.

According to the company, HubSpot can be essential when aligning sales goals across teams and establishing an operational toolkit that can be easily scaled and used in versatile and inventive ways.

Using these integrations, Behind The Work can create powerful SEO-forward advertising content and video productions. This content is designed to appear in locations where buyers are already likely to exist, meaning that placements are automatically more effective as they are exposed exclusively to qualified traffic.

Certain clients have reported that over 70% of their sales pipeline now relies on the content that Behind The Work produces to pull in leads.

Manufacturing businesses of all sizes can benefit from this service, as HubSpot can be useful in establishing everything from hyperlocal to global content and SEO advertising campaigns.

Content is king in modern advertising, and in many cases, failure to adapt to that change can mean failure in the online market - which, for many businesses, might as well be the only market. Behind The Work can support you as you bolster your online image, providing your business with quality integrations and content designed to wow your potential leads.

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