Experienced Local Chaplains Help Public Schools Prevent Teen Suicide & Self-Harm

Jan 31, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) offers chaplains to schools as part of their suicide prevention campaign. Protect your students from self-harm and mental health issues by teaming up with the NSCA today!

Experienced Local Chaplains Help Public Schools Prevent Teen Suicide & Self-Harm

Kids and teenagers today go through so much more social scrutiny than previous generations ever have. While the internet and social media have made it easier to interact with different people, it has also bred trends and beliefs that do not apply to everyone, causing those who are not "on trend" distress and anxiety.

The National School Chaplain Association's (NSCA) suicide prevention campaign covers middle and high school students, as studies have shown that teenage depression and anxiety begin around this time. Led by accepting and experienced local chaplains, the campaign focuses on prayer and spirituality to give students a strong religious foundation.

Find out how to invite a chaplain to your school by visiting https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org

Most schools do not have mental health facilitators or counselors, so students are left on their own to deal with their struggles. The NSCA believes that this problem needs to be remedied if the school wants to produce top-quality graduates.

According to the NSCA, depression affects not just the mood but the person’s entire existence. It is a misconception that all people suffering from depression just cry and have emotional fits. In reality, depression in teenagers manifests in more self-destructive ways like addiction, risky behavior, disrespect towards authority, and rage. Without proper support, this can lead them down the wrong path with irreversible consequences.

The NSCA aims to bring God and prayer back into the school system. While they counsel and accept students of any religion, their advice and teachings are always rooted in scripture. They believe that the scripture is not just for Christians but for everyone. Lessons like respecting their parents, treating their bodies like a temple, and offering all their pain and suffering to a higher power can be appreciated by anyone of any religion.

When depression in schools is addressed, it also solves a myriad of other issues, including gun violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy, and poor academic performance. The NSCA reports that students who feel heard and understood come to school with a healthier mindset, ready to learn and excel. If their minds are clouded by hurt and anger, they cannot focus on the task at hand and are sensitive and temperamental.

The NSCA has trained chaplains who offer a safe space for students to open up about their struggles at school, at home, or in their social life. They currently serve 23 countries and over 20,000 schools. They helped more than 20 million students recover from their mental health problems.

The old saying goes: "Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child." Students need a strong spiritual foundation and confidence to stand up against whatever they encounter. Whether it is social media, difficult people, or the temptation to try drugs and alcohol, they can easily say no if they have high self-esteem and self-worth.

Protect your students today by visiting https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/schools

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