Experienced BIKINI Hip DAA Surgeon In London Reduces Scarring & Stiffness

Mar 19, 2024

If you’re getting a new hip, it should be a reason to celebrate. MSK Doctors (03300010048) can make sure you’re back on your feet in no time, with minimal surgical trauma to heal, and they can even hide the scarring.

They don't make hip replacements like they used to.

That may sound like I'm complaining, but it's the furthest thing from the truth - I'm actually much happier with the new techniques, new tools, and new options, compared to the traditional way.

I'll tell you all about it - but just imagine this, take all the worst parts of hip replacement surgery, and get rid of them, even the scarring.

A New Way To Install A New Hip

It's all thanks to a new surgical technique called the BIKINI DAA hip replacement surgery. I'll tell you all about it, of course, but if you want to get your details straight from the specialists, you can do that too.

Just visit https://mskdoctors.com/treatments/bikini-hip to get all the details - or click the link to book an appointment, with no referral or waiting list, to talk to a specialist yourself.

Here's the short and sweet version of it: This new technique can reduce your scarring, healing times, stiffness, pain, hospital stay. blood loss, risk of dislocation.. the list goes on, but you get the point.

How It Works, Explained Simply

It's not magic, even if it sounds like it - it's just a new surgical technique that an expert can use to do a complete hip replacement, without cutting all the important muscles in the area. That means when it's over, you can even stand and practice walking, with crutches, almost immediately.

Within 24 hours after the surgery, most patients are heading home already, with minimal pain or stiffness, and a customised recovery plan.

How long it takes you to recover can depend on a bunch of factors, but I can tell you this: With the BIKINI technique, you should have less pain, less swelling, less blood loss, and a greatly reduced chance of dislocations during the healing process. All thanks to those preserved muscles, helping to hold everything together.

Why is it called the BIKINI technique?

Well, this is where it gets really unique because this is the only hip replacement surgery that offers the surgeon a chance to hide the scarring. Instead of letting the scar sit obviously across your hip, an experienced surgeon can hide it in your bikini line, where it's much less visible.

There is a bit of a catch though. You should be aware that this technique is still relatively new. In clinical trials, they found one of the key factors affecting how visible your scar may be, is how experienced the surgeon is with this procedure.

My advice is simple - if you're concerned about that scarring, just make sure you see an experienced BIKINI surgeon, and talk to them about it.

Find A Specialist For The Best Results

Prof. Paul Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors and a specialist in the hip and knee, is an expert in both the new BIKINI and SPAIRE hip replacement techniques. Just as importantly though - he's easy to book an appointment with.

The MSK Doctors clinic doesn't believe in referrals or waiting lists, so you just have to call them, or even book online. You don't need to book months in advance, and you don't need a referral for anything, whether you're looking for consultation, diagnosis, or even treatment.

As one expert explained it, “At its core, the BIKINI Hip Procedure, formally known as the Bikini Incision Direct Anterior Approach (DAA), is a testament to surgical precision and patient-centered care. This technique uses a unique anterior approach, minimising damage to crucial surrounding structures like muscles, vessels, and nerves. Its distinct incision, aligned with natural skin creases, optimises healing and cosmetic outcomes​​.”

It's the distant future year of 2024 - where science and medicine have advanced to the point where you can get a complete hip replacement, and go home the very next day without even a visible scar. What more can you ask for?

Oh yeah, more information - that's what.

Here's a full, in-depth guide I found that explains all the benefits of the new BIKINI technique. There are even a few benefits I didn't get around to mentioning. See for yourself at https://mskdoctors.com/doctors/charlotte-barker/articles/beyond-traditional-surgery-discovering-the-benefits-of-the-bikini-hip-technique

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