London Bikini Hip Replacement Benefits: Pain Management & Minimal Scarring

May 2, 2024

When you need a new hip, why not get the latest, greatest, and least-scarring option – that also helps you to heal and get back on your feet faster? It’s called Bikini, and with an experienced surgeon, it means there’s not even a visible scar.

If somebody had told me 10 years ago that in the future, we would be able to get a total hip replacement with no visible scarring, I wouldn't have believed them.

Now, that's just a "Typical Tuesday," for a surgeon experienced with the new Bikini technique. It's okay if you don't believe me, because I'm happy to share my source - it's MSK Doctors. You can learn everything you need to know about hip replacement options, including the ones without visible scarring, at

Here's the short version - Bikini is better, in practically every way, compared to a traditional hip replacement.

Counting The Ways

It's easy to say, "This is a better option," but what makes it better? Why is Bikini suddenly the go-to solution for getting a new hip?

The name tells you what it is, simply - it's a total hip replacement option that's designed around hiding the resulting scar in your bikini line.

Of course, that's the most obvious benefit, but here's where it gets interesting. Instead of a trade-off, such as "you can reduce your scar, but it will take longer to heal," - the Bikini technique is all benefits. There are no drawbacks I can find, compared to a traditional hip replacement surgery.

Quite the opposite, you get several major benefits, like reduced blood loss, reduced surgical trauma, and having no major muscles cut in your hip. That last one is the key to a quick and easy recovery, if you ask me.

Counting The Days

Speaking of an easy recovery, let's talk about it - starting with why it's so easy.

For this, I'll let a specialist explain, here's a little excerpt I stole from MSK Doctors, “The Bikini DAA significantly diminishes post-operative recovery time since no muscles are cut during the procedure. Patients can often stand and practice walking with crutches almost immediately post-surgery and can typically return to driving within one month of surgery​.”

Did you catch the important bit? "Patients can often stand and practice walking with crutches almost immediately post-surgery."

I've heard of a fast recovery before - but you don't expect someone to be back on their feet immediately after a full hip replacement... at least, not unless they got one of the advanced new options from MSK Doctors.

Counting Your Options

To be clear, you should be aware that the Bikini DAA technique is still relatively new, and the majority of surgeons may not be experienced with the latest surgical options. This can be particularly important with the Bikini technique, as research has shown that the more experienced a surgeon is with this procedure, the more they may be able to reduce the visible scarring.

So, if the reduction is what you're after - make sure you find an experienced specialist.

MSK Doctors specialises in both the Bikini and SPAIRE techniques, which have both been shown to reduce recovery times, pain, and surgical trauma, when compared to a traditional hip replacement.

So why haven't I mentioned the SPAIRE technique until now? Well, mostly, because it still leaves a normal-sized scar, though it does have other benefits.

While Bikini places a focus on minimising the visible scarring, SPAIRE is focused solely on minimising surgical trauma, and ensuring a fast return to normal activities with a full range of motion.

So if your main concern is healing fast, and getting back to your full level of activity and range of motion - it could be worth asking about.

Here's my advice - before you make a life-altering decision, ask an expert.

That's what they're there for, and it's easy. You don't need a referral from your GP, there's never a waiting list, and it's easy to see a top specialist, right away.

Make your own appointment right now to get all the facts straight from the source, or find more information about your options, at

If you ask me, it's just easier with MSK Doctors.

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