Exclusive NFT Membership With HODL Rewards: Crypto Classes & Travel Discounts

Apr 9, 2024

Do you want to be part of a forward-thinking NFT community? Join the Greek Mythology Club to access a range of perks – from web3 classes to crypto masterminds!

The Greek Mythology Club is looking to inspire the NFT space by offering a community you actually want to be part of. You're encouraged to hold onto your assets, building your portfolio, so you can unlock a range of great HODL rewards!

Reach Mount Olympus at https://legacybuildersalliance.com/gmc-registration?ts=084ec01b

Be part of change in the NFT space

The creators explain that they’re focusing on developing educational resources through the HODL rewards program because this is a key part of their initiative to combat scams and rug pulls within the NFT space.

The need for such a movement has become increasingly apparent in the wake of a rise in crypto-related scams. According to data from PaymentsJournal, rug pulls were the most prevalent form of crypto attack in 2023, resulting in a loss of $50 million across 78 documented incidents. The G.M.C. team believes this underscores the urgency for proactive measures to safeguard your interests and promote transparency.

Master crypto & DeFi

Through a comprehensive suite of courses, available through the club's HODL rewards program, you will learn more about the crypto ecosystem, helping you to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

At the entry-level Fish Club tier, which requires the ownership of a single NFT, you gain access to pre-recorded web3 training sessions, engaging podcasts, and 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) sessions with industry experts.

Tiers for all levels of commitment

If you're looking for a more immersive experience, the Dolphin Club level, achievable by holding five NFTs, offers in-depth forex education and specialized crypto node classes to help you better understand foreign exchange markets and decentralized finance.

At the Shark Club level, obtained when you reach 10 NFTs, there are exclusive group mentorships focused on crypto-related topics, while the Whale Club - accessible at 20 NFTs - grants you a nine-month access pass to an extensive forex program.

A spokesperson states: “Unlike the numerous projects with zero utility, the Greek Mythology Club offers real-world income-producing assets derived from various sources, including crypto nodes, forex trading, e-commerce ventures, and more. This diversification not only ensures sustainability but also creates a long-term value proposition.”

When you start unlocking G.M.C. HODL perks, you’ll never look back.

Check out https://legacybuildersalliance.com/greek-mythology-club-nft-overview for all the info you need!

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