Eugene Cataract Clinic New Patient Guide Details Surgery Steps & Lens Options

May 19, 2023

Learn all you need to know about cataract surgery in the new guide by Pacific ClearVision Institute. Get a comprehensive cataract consultation and learn more about post-surgery care and lens implant options.

If you're experiencing cloudy vision, light sensitivity, or difficulty reading, You may be one of the nearly 25 million Americans over 40 with cataracts. Cataracts are a common vision issue when the eye's lens becomes cloudy, leading to a decline in vision quality.

Pacific ClearVision Institute has launched a new guide to help you understand cataracts, their implications, and available treatments.

Cataracts develop as we age and, left untreated, can lead to vision loss. The American Academy of Ophthalmology estimates that about 40 million Americans have cataracts, and approximately half of all adults aged 75 and older are affected by cataracts to some degree.

The guide explains that most cataracts happen because of expected changes in our eyes as we get older. Around age 40, the proteins in our lenses start to break down and clump together. This clump forms a cloudy area on our lens. This area continues to progress till most of the lens is cloudy.

Eye injuries, medications, diabetes, and long-term exposure to sunlight are the other factors that can contribute to cataracts. The guide describes the factors contributing to cataracts while pointing to available treatment options, focusing on the process of lens replacement surgery, which is currently the most successful treatment for cataracts.

Lens replacement surgery is available at Pacific ClearVision Institute. Their guide discusses the diagnosis and preparation for surgery, explaining that advancements in surgical techniques have resulted in most surgeries being completed in ten minutes. If you're preparing for surgery, you'll learn about the administration of local anesthesia and the option of variable power and adjusting lenses so you can be free from glasses. Post-treatment care options are also discussed.

Alongside cataract surgery, the clinic also offers LASIK laser vision correction, refractive surgery, and oculoplastics.

If you're experiencing symptoms of cataracts or have concerns about your vision health, visit for more information.

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