Eugene Award Winning Gass Orthodontist Treatment Practice Excellent Orthodontic Care

Jul 27, 2016

Get tailored individual orthodontic treatments in Eugene, Oregon, from the team at Gass Orthodontics, including teeth straightening with dental braces, crowded teeth treatments, and sleep apnea. Dr Gass prides himself on providing excellent patient experience, and ensuring every patient receives the best care available.

Gass Orthodontics of Eugene, Oregon has won the First Place Reader's Choice Award conducted by the Register Guard Newspaper for the eighth consecutive year. The award comes following the publication's annual poll, which encompasses all the area's businesses, services and professionals, across a wide range of niches.

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The award distinguishes Gass Orthodontics from other practices in the field, and is testament to the doctor's commitment to excellence in orthodontic care for patients in the Eugene area. Dr Gass and his staff strive to ensure that each patient's cares and concerns are listened to, so that they can work together to tailor an individual treatment plan and achieve the best results for every visit.

The Eugene Orthodontics site explains that at Gass Orthodontics, the latest in orthodontic technology is available to fit specific treatment needs, including digital imaging, infra-oral scanning, Invisalign clear align ears, clear and self-ligating braces, and advanced communication and patient management software.

Using these tools, the practice can enhance patient treatment efficiency, and help to provide a more comprehensive treatment philosophy tailored to each individual. The communication tools allow the staff to ensure each patient stays informed throughout their treatment while knowing whatever questions they may have, are both encouraged and happily answered.

Common orthodontic treatments available at Gass Orthodontics in Eugene include straightening of crowded teeth, remedying open bites where front teeth don't touch, rectifying deep over bites and under bites, and other treatments, including some that do not require braces.

The Gass Orthodontics site also explains how the staff can help to treat sleep apnea and snoring. It says that patients who feel drowsy through the day with no explanation, snore loudly, or wake up breathless in the middle of the night could be experiencing sleep apnea. There are a range of treatments available where this is the case. Dr Gass and his staff can walk patients through each option ahead of time to ensure the best fit is found.

Anyone wanting to find out more information about Gass Orthodontics or the Reader's Choice Award can use the contact form available on their website to get in touch.

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