EU Luxury Modular Homes: Comfortable Prefab Houses With High Thermal Efficiency

Mar 30, 2024

Imagine a luxury home, now imagine a prefab eco-friendly home – now squish them together, and you’ve got an EOScale house, ready to deliver and set up wherever you need it. Who says it can’t be sustainable, highly efficient, and comfortable, all at once?

When I was younger, I lived in some pretty small places. One place was so small, I dropped a Kleenex once, and had wall-to-wall new carpet!

Joking aside, I have to say - what counts as a "tiny home" has changed a lot. These new prefabs aren't like renting a closet, they're more like shrinking a mansion. I'm serious, take a look for yourself at these new homes from EOScale, and you'll see what I mean! You can check them out at

I'm happy to see the way this trend is going, because while I don't think I could stand living in another tiny apartment the size of a broom closet - I could do with a small, individual home, that's all my own, for my family.

Not All Homes Are Created Equal.

While small homes have become a new trend across the world, many of these “tiny homes” are built with a focus on size, not comfort. I'm not a fan of this idea at all, and so we're not even going to talk about those tiny "squish-homes" as I call them.

EOScale has done something different, with several new designs that combine the most effective solutions for energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability, while still making small homes feel luxurious and elegant.

Just because you have a small space, doesn't mean you need to be squeezed into it, like trying to wear a spandex outfit from when you were a teenager.

We've all grown as people since then, in size as well as knowledge - and we don't need to put up with that anymore. There are better options.

What Separates Top-Tier Prefabs, From Squish-Homes?

In 2 words - Style, and Quality.

If you're buying a new home, you're probably not looking to buy a tiny boring box, and that's what most "tiny home" prefabs are. If that's what you want, storage units are cheap - but they're certainly not comfy, and I wouldn't want to raise a family in one.

EOScale takes an entirely different approach, because they want you to be proud of how your home looks, feels, and helps the environment. That means it also needs to be big enough, and nice enough, to invite your friends over for dinner, cards, drinks, or to watch the game.

That also means, it needs to stand out from your neighbours, or your friends may never be able to figure out which one is you!

No, I'm kidding, we have street numbers for that, but that's no reason to settle for the same cookie-cutter designs used by everyone in your neighbourhood. EOScale's homes let your customise all kinds of features, including the materials and colours, inside and out, so you've got options.

Let's Talk Efficiency.

Whether you're looking at a small home as a way to save costs, save the environment, or just save on space - let's make sure you can get what you want out of them.

The good news is, when it comes to space and cost efficiency - it's not even a question.

Look at these houses, they take up way less space than a typical house, hands down, and you can still fit up to 6 people in a household, without feeling like you're overcrowded.

If you're worried about efficiency though, well I understand, how can they make such a small form factor efficient enough to help you save on your bills, and save the environment?

The answer is, with Science!

If you want to add a mad scientist cackle right here, that would be appropriate, but my editor told me I had to stop writing out long bursts of maniacal laughter.

Here's the thing, the long and short, boiled down to a single sentence: These homes aren't just efficient, they're more efficient than most homes, while using fewer materials, in a more sustainable way.

What does that mean in numbers? They've been engineered to withstand most climates while providing exceptional thermal regulation, with U-values as low as 0.12 W/m²K. If you're not familiar with U-values, it's a rating for how fast heat from inside can leak out - and 0.12 W/m²K is exceptionally low.

Now obviously, U-values can vary widely based on materials, locations, and climates - anyone can get a ridiculously low value like that, just by adding more bulk, right?

Well, EOScale achieves higher-than-average insulation rates in ceilings, floors, and walls, without sacrificing extra space, by using a dense, layered approach. It's honestly too many layers to explain here, and it's a bit technical, but you can find a full explanation of how each surface is insulated, including an expanded view of the construction process, on the company’s website.

Beauty, Sustainability & Comfort.

If you've seen the tiny eco-friendly homes designed in the last decade, I understand why you might not believe that you can have all 3 of these things in a small home.

It's possible though, it just requires a different way of thinking - because you can't just slap some luxury on top of an eco-friendly home, every aspect needs to be planned and built together, to make it work.

Three new designs, “Zen,” Harmony,” and “Balance,” prove that it's possible.

While each of these models is unique, they all follow the same pattern of eco-friendly, compact, and luxury construction that EOScale has become known for.

They even offer larger designs, allowing households with up to 6 people to benefit from the advantages of an eco-friendly and highly efficient modular home. “Harmony,” the largest of the designs, includes an enclosed front courtyard, and the entire layout is planned around a center atrium and pergola.

Having this horseshoe layout with an enclosed center, changes it from feeling like a compact home to a compact sanctuary, and it makes all the difference.

Your Home, Your Design, Your Choice.

I understand that small homes, even sustainable luxury homes, are not for everyone.

Here's what I suggest though - give it a try anyway.

No, I don't mean go buy one just to see, but try to design one yourself, and see what the options are. It's super easy.

You can use the "Configurator" tool on the EOScale website to build your custom home, choose all the options, and see what's right for you. It's fast, free, and simple.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Our process of designing, manufacturing, and assembling focuses on minimizing negative environmental impacts, conserving resources, and ensuring long-term ecological balance. It involves integrating environmentally friendly practices and technologies throughout the entire life cycle of our homes, from material sourcing and construction to use and eventual disposal.”

You never know what you may learn, maybe a small luxury home is just what you've been waiting for.

Learn more about how compact homes are built, the science behind their sustainability, or start designing your own home with the Configurator, at

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