Establish Your Art Business With This Printable Workbook and Art Business Forms

Apr 23, 2022

A printable industry workbook and business forms bundle for productive life habits and business creation tactics has been released by WaldenArts Publishing.

Establish Your Art Business With This Printable Workbook and Art Business Forms

If you are tired of being a hobbyist or freelancer and ready to take your creative business to the next level, then WaldenArts Publishing wants to help. Their new workbook contains all the industry secrets, tips, and tricks that you will need to be successful in the creative economy.

The workbook also comes with templates of the most essential business forms creatives need for good business practices.

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If you choose to take advantage of the workbook and forms, you will have access to the full business guide as created by WaldenArts Publishing, which draws on their years of experience in the industry. The advice focuses on avoiding common pitfalls, being thorough and forward-thinking, and creating stable foundations.

In today’s gig economy, data shows that owning an LLC or other business may be a way to minimize the unpredictability associated with being a creative and legitimize one’s services under the banner of a genuine business.

The workbook helps creatives develop an entrepreneurial mindset and set up business foundations like core values, vision/mission and artist statements, goal setting, how to hire a web designer or virtual writer, and document their creative work for copyright purposes and diversification.

WaldenArts Publishing knows the benefits of being a business owner and wants to ensure that you, as an author, artist, or other creative, can stay informed and prepared in this regard. They know that the worldwide creative economy is ever-expanding and adapting to new technologies, and how easy it is to get left behind.

Their workbook includes many worksheets that you can use to outline your goals and desires before diving into any official paperwork and spending hard-earned money on websites and business literature. The guides contained also eliminate many common obstacles in business creation and how independent entrepreneurs usually navigate them.

The freelance economy is unpredictable and often stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Do the work you love without the uncertainty by starting your own business; everything you need is right in front of you when you order this package.

Another major goal of the workbook is to ease the transition from hobbyist to business owner and employer, and the many changes that must happen internally to facilitate that.

Included with the workbook are templates of the most essential forms creatives need for good business practices. The package is complemented by bonus planner pages and habit trackers to ensure good business practices as well as a healthy routine, as the two concepts go hand in hand.

Carol Walden, who founded WaldenArts Publishing, is from a family of nomadic artists and creatives who have instilled in her a long-standing passion for independence in the arts, something which she now wishes to impart to others. The businesses she has created to facilitate her artistic endeavors emulate the same tips that she provides in the guide; a valuable first-hand account of success.

This bundle contains the resources, templates, and ideas you need to start your own creative venture! Order your workbook and business forms now and get your complimentary printable goals, habits, and actions planner pack for free!

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