ERTC Tax Credits For Restaurants: Find Out Your Rebate Amount Before Applying

Jun 6, 2023

If you’re a business owner whose operations were affected by the pandemic, you may be eligible for a refund from the IRS called the Employee Retention Tax Credit. You could receive up to $26K per employee, and ERTC Express can help you apply.

An amount like $26K per employee might seem too good to be true, but it’s not - and ERTC Express can prove it. They’ve helped more than 9,000 businesses across the U.S., big and small alike, receive refunds of up to $773K.

Now, they are turning to startups, hospitality businesses, healthcare providers, and restaurant owners looking to get much-needed funding from the government. The team helps businesses with up to 5 employees to 500, in any industry and any state, get to their maximum refund at the end of the ERTC filing tunnel. But don't wait to apply - if you believe you may qualify for quarters in 2020, ERTC Express encourages you to apply before the April 15, 2024 deadline.

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Until now, you might've thought you weren't eligible to apply. ERTC Express is aware of all the misconceptions about eligibility currently afloat, and they want every qualifying business to benefit from the ERTC. A full three-quarters of the clients they've successfully helped didn't know they qualified for the tax credit!

You might have thought you were ineligible for the rebates because your revenues have increased due to market shifts, you believed your business is “nonessential,” or it's too late to apply. The ERTC Express service addresses all these common misconceptions.

The team will also provide you with an advance estimate of the ERTC rebate amount you're eligible for, which will help you decide if filing is worthwhile before embarking on the process.

Additionally, ERTC Express will help you determine if you qualify for ERTC Advance funding. You may be eligible if during the pandemic you've experienced revenue decline, capacity or travel restrictions, supply chain disturbances, commercial disruption, customer or jobsite shutdowns, or customer or vendor restrictions.

ERTC Express is a consultancy that helps businesses across the country to maximize their refunds and minimize their risk with the ERTC program. The company has a team of over 3,200 experts nationwide to help clients get their maximum ERTC rebate. To date, they have helped over 9,000 businesses receive more than $1.3 billion in refunds.

“I’m so appreciative of the support provided by ERTC Express and the excellent communication throughout the process,” one happy client said. “I'd previously heard about the ERTC but was skeptical of what seemed too good to be true. But with ERTC Express, it took less than a month to find out that we were eligible for a six-figure tax credit!”

ERTC Express will go the extra mile for you and answer all your questions. They'll guide you through each step of the process and do all the heavy lifting for you - all you have to do is get in touch and answer a few simple questions.

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