ERTC Eligibility Explained & FAQs Answered By Tax Rebate Expert Accountants 2022

Sep 8, 2022

Find everything you need to know about the ERTC program in one place. This new FAQ from top accountants includes a free tax rebate eligibility test and an easy application process to help you claim your pandemic relief funds.

ERTC Eligibility Explained & FAQs Answered By Tax Rebate Expert Accountants 2022

What is the ERTC?

Is your business eligible for a rebate?

Can you still claim ERTC if you received a PPP loan?

These important questions and a whole lot more are answered by ERTC experts, and they can even help you to claim your rebate.

If you kept staff members on the payroll throughout all or part of the pandemic, you may qualify for tax rebates from the federal government through the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program. This new guide launched by explains which businesses are eligible for tax credits and how you can maximize your rebates.

Visit to find answers to your ERTC questions, or to get expert help in claiming your rebate.

The new guide includes a free eligibility assessment that you can complete in approximately one minute, by answering a few simple questions. The assessment requires no proprietary business information and is available for all employers with fewer than 500 full-time W-2 employees on average.

You can find details in the guide about several amendments made to the ERTC program since it was first launched. These amendments, including those passed in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, have expanded the eligibility for the program and the maximum amount your business can claim in rebates.

Using the free assessment, you can determine if you qualify for rebates even if you have already received a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or were previously ineligible for another reason. Rebates provided through the ERTC are not loans, never require repayment, and have no restrictions on how they can be spent.

After completing the free assessment, you will have an opportunity to schedule a complimentary consultation with an ERTC expert, who can help you calculate your maximum allowable rebate. While individual rebates will vary, you may be able to claim as much as $26,000 per employee.

The frequently asked questions section included in the expert guide provides detailed explanations of the most common concerns. You can also sign up to receive more in-depth answers or to ask questions that are not included in the guide.

The guide also includes a simple pre-qualification process that you can use to apply for ERTC rebates. All applications are handled by a team of ERTC specialist accountants, with refunds processed daily.

ERTC rebates are a one-time payout with no strings attached. You never need to pay it back, and it's easy to get started.

With a little help from ERTC specialist accountants, you can make your claim fast, and make sure you get every dollar you deserve.

Visit to take the free eligibility test right now, or to learn more about the ERTC program.

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