Enhance The Brand Visibility And Search Rankings Of Your Greensboro Business

Sep 19, 2020

Your business needs as much media exposure as it can get to attract more customers. This new marketing service is designed to distribute your media assets on hundreds of high-authority channels.

Here’s a simple fact: the more visible your business is, the more customers it can get. But how do you achieve prominence with your marketing budget?

TurboCharged Digital Marketing offers a revolutionary service that allows businesses to gain media exposure and consequently find new customers online. Headquartered in Jamestown, the agency is well equipped to cater to small- and medium-scale enterprises in Greensboro and in other cities within and beyond North Carolina.

Learn more at https://turbochargeddigitalmarketing.com.

Aptly called Turbos, the marketing service enables you to boost your brand visibility by posting your media assets on hundreds of well-recognized websites. The list of publishing channels include top news outlets, relevant blogs, financial sites, and media streaming services.

The agency uses the media connections they have established over the years to be able to tap the said media distribution sites. To make your content appropriate for posting on these various channels, they utilize a wide array of content formats.

The digital marketers rely on traditional news and blog articles to get the word out about your products and services. They, however, also complement the text-based content efforts with podcasts, slideshows, PDFs, and videos, effectively expanding your market reach.

With these media assets in place, your business is expected to benefit in two ways. First, you get an enhanced brand awareness from all the mentions of your business on high-traffic websites. Subsequently, you can also drive more traffic to your own website and improve your search engine rankings.

Google is known to favor established brands, and the exposure that Turbos bring can get you in that position. The approach has also proven to be more effective than using social media alone for business marketing.

Turbos are particularly useful for local businesses, as the campaigns can help you land Google’s 3-pack map listings. Reserved for location-based results, this feature can get local brands in front of people in your vicinity who are searching for your products and services.

You may learn more by watching the agency’s introduction video, which can be accessed through the link above.

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