English Literacy Family Software: Kids & Parents Learn To Read & Write

May 11, 2022

The Family Learning Company develops your English literacy with its family software. Learn how to read and write in English in only a few months!

English Literacy Family Software: Kids & Parents Learn To Read & Write

Having trouble reading and writing can be difficult – especially if your job calls for basic English competency. If you’ve been struggling with your reading and writing, there’s family literacy software that can help.

With the goal of reducing potential economic losses due to illiteracy, we at The Family Learning Company have improved our community engagement program. Now, YOU can learn with your children and grow in English competency.

Learn more about us at https://www.familylearningcompany.com 

The strengthened family literacy software takes into consideration the nearly 55% of American adults aged 16 to 74 years old who lack proficiency in literacy. This has an effect not only psychologically but economically as well.

Experts have noted that workers who cannot read or understand basic instructions are twice, sometimes thrice, more likely to get into an accident. Research shows that companies lose billions of dollars each year in lost productivity due to illiteracy. This results in a vicious cycle wherein companies only hire literate workers and the illiterate cannot get the help they need to find jobs.

With our software, anyone – regardless of age – can improve their reading and writing skills. Not only does this affect your self-esteem but has particular benefits in the corporate environment.

We highlight our success with an elderly woman who was consistently passed over for an internal promotion at work due to her inability to read and write successfully. After a few months in our program, she scored higher in job satisfaction and lower in stress. Further details can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwLvj99KluPtUpF_Jcb1cQ 

So, what is the cost? Well, definitely, there’s the cost of the family plan license, but think about it this way: the cost is far exceeded by the benefits of using the software. You develop the competency you need to do well in your job and be more involved in your family.

Those interested in the program are invited to contact us directly through our website.

A grateful client wrote, “Family Literacy Software is being used in the four core areas in middle schools and for targeted instruction in high schools. Students love playing the research-based vocabulary games, and it provides the teachers with a method for consistent and sustained review of both vocabulary words and formatives.”

Read and write like an expert in only a few months! Go to https://www.familylearningcompany.com/corporate-benefits so you can learn more.

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