Engage and Educate Your Young Children From Home With New Preschool Course

Apr 7, 2021

If you want your child to have access to high quality learning anytime, anywhere, California’s Growing Brilliant are now offering a complete homeschool option for toddlers and preschoolers.

All evidence indicates that the early education years are the most critical, helping to teach your child core skills they will need their entire lives. That’s why the experts at Growing Brilliant want to give every American child the best head start with their new online preschool academy. 

Growing Brilliant, early education specialists based in Roseville, California, have expanded their comprehensive range of online lessons and activities and are now offering a complete online preschool program designed to both educate and engage toddlers and young children aged 2-6.   

Go to https://growingbrilliant.com/online-preschool to find out more. 

The announcement coincides with the ongoing pandemic which continues to disrupt the education system in the US at all levels, including early education.  

As such, at a time when many parents, such as yourself, are apprehensive about sending their children to physical preschool spaces where the risk of spreading infection is higher, Growing Brilliant has further expanded their at home education services. 

Growing Brilliant’s virtual preschool offers children fun and engaging live classes taught by qualified and experienced teachers, with all of the necessary supplies for each class delivered routinely to your door in Growing Brilliant’s unique curriculum boxes. 

Interested parents and children are also now invited to trial a free lesson at https://growingbrilliant.com/schedule-your-free-class 

The curriculum on offer in Growing Brilliant’s live and interactive courses is as varied as the courses delivered through traditional preschools and your children will make art, read interactive books, conduct scientific experiments, socialize with other children and more. 

Their preschool course has been specifically delivered to prepare children for Kindergarten and encompasses over 60 topics and developmental areas with a focus on both academic learning, including literacy, numeracy and STEM, and key social skills. 

In particular, some of the engaging and fun activities on offer in the Growing Brilliant program include Lego creation masterclasses, theme based scene building, modeling clay sculptures and watercolor painting.  

Growing Brilliant is a reputable name in early education with a number of award winning in-person preschools located across California.  

A spokesperson for the firm said “Our online curriculum was designed in the classroom to emulate the traditional preschool experience. All our programs focus on your child’s social-emotional, intellectual, creative, and cognitive growth, as well as expanding their knowledge of the world around them. Each one of our preschool programs is designed around specific, age-appropriate standards.”

In these challenging times Growing Brilliant wants to offer you and your children stability with all the joy, ease and comfort that can come from at home learning. 

If you would like to see all that is on offer in their captivating online preschool courses visit https://growingbrilliant.com/online-preschool today. 

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