Energy Efficient Audit For Manufacturing Sector Can Reduce Electricity Usage

Jan 24, 2023

Energy management for manufacturers doesn’t have to be expensive, thanks to Onsite Utility Services Capital’s unique energy audit and upgrade program.

Energy Efficient Audit For Manufacturing Sector Can Reduce Electricity Usage

Is your business’ power usage a constant source of bill shock? Onsite Utility Services Capital’s energy savings as a service (ESaaS) program can put an end to that!

CEO and Founder Fritz Kreiss says this service gives your company a competitive edge during a time when the cost of doing business has spiked significantly. Moreover, he adds that ESaaS is an innovative approach to power management since it does not require capital expenditure or loans.

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The consulting firm's services involve the careful inspection of your facility to identify energy-efficiency upgrades that can be done. Afterward, It will develop solutions for lighting, HVAC systems, air filtration, and other equipment that are heavy power consumers.


ESaaS is a pay-for-performance, off-balance-sheet solution that makes energy optimization attainable no matter the size of your business. The consultancy will cover all upfront costs; once the upgrades are completed, you simply make service payments based on the actual energy savings realized. As such, Kreiss notes, ESaaS is suitable if you’re a risk-averse business owner as you can see lower energy costs without any capital outlay.


Research shows that the average voltage supplied in the U.S. is 493 volts; however, most industrial equipment can function well with just 460 volts. By ensuring that your machines use exactly the recommended power, you can save anywhere from 5% to 15% in energy costs. Moreover, optimizing electrical flow to voltage-sensitive equipment helps extend their service life.

Kreiss says: “Overhead costs like power expenditure represent a significant portion of your operating expenses. With ESaaS, you can rein in your spending and reallocate that money to other critical areas of your enterprise.”

You can book a preliminary consultation to see if ESaaS is a good fit for your company.


Founded in 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has built a reputation for helping clients unlock power savings in a simple and sustainable manner. It has worked with businesses from a broad range of sectors, such as the hospitality, education, healthcare, real estate, and retail industries. Its other services include cost segregation, fractional energy management, and waste consulting.

Significant power savings without significant expenses? It’s possible with ESaaS! Contact Onsite Utility Services Capital today to get started.

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