Empower Your Book Club With Kristy Woodson Harvey’s New Must Read Women’s Novel

Dec 8, 2023

Have you ever wanted to get an award-winning author’s thoughts on their work directly from their mouth in your book club? Now you can! Book Kristy Woodson Harvey today!

Last July, The Summer Of Songbirds hit store shelves, and has had readers "singing" its praises ever since! Sorry about the pun, but it's true - the novel, penned by literary superstar and critical darling Kristy Woodson Harvey, has made waves in the women's fiction space, and continues to do so even months after its release.

However, as with any major novel release, it has left fans everywhere asking all manner of questions. Perhaps more than any of her other releases, Kristy's readers want to know how she wove such an intricate narrative, where the inspirations for her characters came from, and how growing up in North Carolina influenced her writing of a story set in that very state.

If you've read the book - or any of her other titles, for that matter - chances are that you share some of these sentiments. If so, I come bearing good news: the answers you seek are now in reach!

Kristy is now available for private bookings, which means she can join your book club meeting or literary event to answer all your questions first-hand! What an opportunity!

To book Kristy right away, visit https://www.kristywoodsonharvey.com/book-kristy/

This incredible new opportunity comes on the heels of the nationwide launch of The Summer Of Songbirds, which has garnered recognition from high-profile outlets such as Good Morning America, The E! Online, and The New York Times. This attention, coupled with the end of her nationwide book release tour, has allowed to re-open private bookings at this time.

In the past, the author has appeared at literary festivals, universities, and conferences to celebrate the arts by sharing her insights. With the release of her tenth New York Times Best Seller, she cements her status as one of the decade’s foremost writers in the Southern Fiction genre - an incredible chance to find out what it takes to be a novelist in the modern age.

The author’s latest novel is a resplendent portrait of Harvey’s home state of North Carolina, told across multiple different perspectives and timeframes. Readers will follow the journey of three long-time friends as they struggle to save the summer camp which not only provided them happy childhood memories, but which also formed the foundation of their years-long friendship.

The book paints an emotionally mature yet ultimately hopeful picture which has led it to be discussed alongside 2023’s other hotly anticipated releases in the women’s fiction genre, such as those by Mary Kay Andrews or Elin Hilderbrand.

Now, for the first time since the release of the novel, you and your reading group can get Harvey’s perspectives on the success of her work, or on the craft of writing in general, through her booking service!

Don't miss this chance - make your book club meeting unforgettable with an appearance from the author herself! Get yourself a copy of The Summer Of Songbirds and make this a meeting to remember!

As the nationwide rollout of The Summer Of Songbirds continues and as hype surrounding the title builds, Harvey is committed to work on the screen adaptation of her seminal Peachtree Bluff series. She is also a regular contributor to a number of blogs and publications, along with her podcast, Friends & Fiction.

Visit https://www.kristywoodsonharvey.com/book-kristy/ to book Harvey or to order a copy of any of her ten incredible novels.

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